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Little siblings don’t read this

Older siblings we must unionize and demand better conditions and equal treatment

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I was fired last week by Google for organizing. All I did was make a popup to share the labor notice Google has to share with its workers.

3 hours later mgmt came to my desk, took my phone/laptop, escorted me away. I never got to say goodbye.

My story:

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I feel like if you told a teenager that Netflix used to let you watch TV shows by sending you individual DVDs in the actual mail, they would think you were making it up as a joke

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For those keeping track at home:

Microsoft's browser now pretends to be Google's browser, which pretends to be Apple's browser, which pretends to be Mozilla's browser. Meanwhile, they all pretend to be a different version of Mozilla's browser, which hasn't existed in decades.

A few years ago, I crowdfunded and published "The Essential Guide to Shenzhen". It's now out of stock, so I've decided to share the PDF.

Thank you to all my supporters who made this possible!

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Building a project that hadn't been touched in a year. Updated NDK was causing a problem with the old gradle. Update that, and there were problems in the project gradle file, Fix that, and there were deprecations in VrApi. Build issues suck the joy out of programming for me.

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holy shit. Wham’s Last Christmas is now in 4K on YouTube and it looks amazing. It’s like watching people in ‘80s costumes

did I build this? yes
do I hate this? also yes

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i still think my favourite thing that's ever happened to me on the internet is the time a guy said "people change their minds when you show them facts" and I said "actually studies show that's not true" and linked TWO sources and he said "yeah well I still think it works"

Reddit continues to bring changes that make it harder to view discussions, the whole point of the site

Like with YouTube, there seems to be an Internet rule that sites which grew up on user-generated content, once big, would rather not deal with it.

Loving the new Mail context menus in iOS 13.3.

This is the flow for sending a notification in Slack. Software is hard.

It is said that The Remote could be anywhere, waiting to be found deep in the seat cushions of life. Are you ready to join the search? Then welcome, friend, to The Dadlands.

Get the rules for Dadlands and run your own game!

That’s exactly my method.

Looking for a UPS for home use that delivers pure sine power, won't spontaneously combust, and is made by a company that will stand behind its warranty, which eliminates CyberPower and APC. Any recommendations?

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We’re excited to unveil Half-Life: Alyx, our flagship VR game, this Thursday at 10am Pacific Time.

Can’t wait to share it with all of you!

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