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Not sure how I feel about Dream Theater's new album, "Distance Over Time", yet. I miss Portnoy-era Dream Theater.

I love when I happen upon what looks like the absolute best version of a product, no matter how mundane:

Finally got all of the tools and materials to make a custom leather wallet, and after lots of watching YouTube tutorials and doing some careful designing and measuring, I realized 1) I'm a klutz that can't cut leather precisely and 2) my design isn't going to work. It's humbling.

Teenage Engineering is the Apple of music gear. Everything they release, even a barebones kit you have to do final assembly of yourself, looks super polished and modern, and sounds as good as it looks. PO Modular

Defeating ReCaptcha 2 by sending its accessibility audio prompts to a speech-to-text service is both ingenious and massively cheating. 🤣

Finally cleaned this up enough to push it to GitHub. Microstat - A self-hosted Micropub endpoint for statically-generated microblogs. 📝⚡️Post to your static microblog with Quill!

Because I apparently can't listen to enough actual-play RPG podcasts, just started listening to Not Another D&D Podcast. Has an "early Adventure Zone"-type goofy vibe so far.

@ttscoff 👋 I'm not very active here yet but thanks for the follow!

Just spent an hour debugging why `'tokenString' !== 'tokenS​​​​​​​​​​​tring'`.

Facepalm when I finally figured it out.


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