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We’re excited to unveil Half-Life: Alyx, our flagship VR game, this Thursday at 10am Pacific Time.

Can’t wait to share it with all of you!

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Why can’t we just have one nice thing on our computers that doesn’t create anxiety? twitter.com/flyosity/status/11

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Only 90s kids will remember when Evernote was pretty great, before they raised a total of $290 million and ruined their product by focusing on things that weren’t core to the experience to justify their unicorn valuation. But, nah, that would never happen to 1Password.

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HOBBES: calvin is that you??

CALVIN: hobbes!? i haven’t see u in years!

HOBBES: wow man how the hell are ya?

CALVIN: can’t complain.. how are u!

HOBBES: oh same old u know how it is



CALVIN: well I gotta run but we should catch up sometime!

HOBBES: totally!

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[on wheel of fortune]

me: i’d like to buy an owl

pat: u mean a vowel

me: no someone said u guys sell owls

pat: who

me: i just fuckin heard one

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So pm2 (a node process manager package on npm) just caused thousands of CI builds to fail because of an "optionalDependency" on a package called gkt which is requested as a tarball from a server that was returning 503. That package consists of one file which contains this:

The season 3 premiere of @TheZoneCast@twitter.com was fantastic and I'm very excited for what's in store! If you've never listened before, 3 brothers and their dad hilariously play D&D, and this season has a brand new story and characters so it's the perfect time to start.

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every office meeting in 2019 starts like this

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Since everyone’s doing it, here’s my ranking of Star Wars movies (hard to choose!):

1) Who
2) Gives
3) A
4) Shit
5) Just
6) Enjoy
7) Things
8) Jesus
9) Christ
10) Attack of the Clones twitter.com/i/events/118779186

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Remember, a few hours of trial and error can save you several minutes of looking at the README.

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Oooof. Was just subjected to the most credible phishing attempt I've experienced to date. Here were the steps:

1) "Hi, this is your bank. There was an attempt to use your card in Miami, Florida. Was this you?"

Me: no.

So now reCAPTCHA selections slowly fade out and back in with new images, taking ~2 seconds per clicked image? Infuriating. How many seconds of human lives are wasted globally, daily, waiting for artificially-delayed reCAPTCHA images to fade in?

Not sure how I feel about Dream Theater's new album, "Distance Over Time", yet. I miss Portnoy-era Dream Theater.

I love when I happen upon what looks like the absolute best version of a product, no matter how mundane: smile.amazon.com/Unicorn-Magnu

Finally got all of the tools and materials to make a custom leather wallet, and after lots of watching YouTube tutorials and doing some careful designing and measuring, I realized 1) I'm a klutz that can't cut leather precisely and 2) my design isn't going to work. It's humbling.

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