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It is said that The Remote could be anywhere, waiting to be found deep in the seat cushions of life. Are you ready to join the search? Then welcome, friend, to The Dadlands.

Get the rules for Dadlands and run your own game!


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That’s exactly my method.

Looking for a UPS for home use that delivers pure sine power, won't spontaneously combust, and is made by a company that will stand behind its warranty, which eliminates CyberPower and APC. Any recommendations?

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We’re excited to unveil Half-Life: Alyx, our flagship VR game, this Thursday at 10am Pacific Time.

Can’t wait to share it with all of you!

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Why can’t we just have one nice thing on our computers that doesn’t create anxiety? twitter.com/flyosity/status/11

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Only 90s kids will remember when Evernote was pretty great, before they raised a total of $290 million and ruined their product by focusing on things that weren’t core to the experience to justify their unicorn valuation. But, nah, that would never happen to 1Password.

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HOBBES: calvin is that you??

CALVIN: hobbes!? i haven’t see u in years!

HOBBES: wow man how the hell are ya?

CALVIN: can’t complain.. how are u!

HOBBES: oh same old u know how it is



CALVIN: well I gotta run but we should catch up sometime!

HOBBES: totally!

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[on wheel of fortune]

me: i’d like to buy an owl

pat: u mean a vowel

me: no someone said u guys sell owls

pat: who

me: i just fuckin heard one

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So pm2 (a node process manager package on npm) just caused thousands of CI builds to fail because of an "optionalDependency" on a package called gkt which is requested as a tarball from a server that was returning 503. That package consists of one file which contains this:

The season 3 premiere of @TheZoneCast@twitter.com was fantastic and I'm very excited for what's in store! If you've never listened before, 3 brothers and their dad hilariously play D&D, and this season has a brand new story and characters so it's the perfect time to start.

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every office meeting in 2019 starts like this

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Since everyone’s doing it, here’s my ranking of Star Wars movies (hard to choose!):

1) Who
2) Gives
3) A
4) Shit
5) Just
6) Enjoy
7) Things
8) Jesus
9) Christ
10) Attack of the Clones twitter.com/i/events/118779186

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Remember, a few hours of trial and error can save you several minutes of looking at the README.

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Oooof. Was just subjected to the most credible phishing attempt I've experienced to date. Here were the steps:

1) "Hi, this is your bank. There was an attempt to use your card in Miami, Florida. Was this you?"

Me: no.

So now reCAPTCHA selections slowly fade out and back in with new images, taking ~2 seconds per clicked image? Infuriating. How many seconds of human lives are wasted globally, daily, waiting for artificially-delayed reCAPTCHA images to fade in?

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