Today @jle just hacked some #ActivityPub into their #Hugo blog (at @en) First step to getting the static cms world to join the #fediverse!

This is much more general good advice than its sender intended (context was a corporate email about how to not fall for phishing scams).

This year it took much longer, but also needed more effort. Began with some baggage from things that didn't get done, but quickly evolved into cathartic letting-go, and hopeful daydreaming. Things are aligning right now.

fsf-gnu relationship 

So, what is personal knowledge management? TLDR, it's a process of organizing your tasks, thoughts and information important to you, so a fairly useful practice.

by @karlicoss

I am myself. I will never be Cayce Pollard, and that's ok.

Good evening from somewhere along the rails. This is Rhinebeck NY at sunset or soon thereafter on my way to Chicago. #photography #america

Creating a personal #wiki / knowledgebase is probably the most useful things I have ever done for myself... I collect absolutely everything I learn, write myself tutorials, make notes, record ideas.. and I use these every single day. I started with plain #markdown files and have used a variety of platforms. If you have stuff to remember, you gotta make one for yourself. I currently use #tiddlywiki and I love it

holy cow I just finished setting up #minio and changing my #mastodon server to use that as file storage instead of local storage... this is so cool! It's a self-hosted S3 alternative!!!!

I followed this to get minio running:

And I followed this awesome tutorial for the S3 part:

My internet chat style is very based in 90s chat room, ICQ, and online communities of the time.. I tend to send each sentence to the person as i chat rather than write a huge paragraph and send it.. which im guessing is probably reallly annoying now that everyone uses phones and they bleep and buzz. whoops.

mind-boggling how different social media is when it's made by and for the people who use it rather than as a honeypot for serving ads

Really taking to this #personalwiki stuff. It feels so effortless to make new pages, as well as improve old ones. I find it is a very organic way to convey information about some of my projects. I've probably made more wiki pages in the past month than I have blog posts in the last 5 years...

Good morning to you my squad, my compatriots, my allies and pals and friends, to you total strangers and intimate comrades, to the readers of posts and the fediverse at large. It is Saturday the 18th of January and today, let us ALL get this bread.

You know what I'd really like to see on fedi? The visibility restrictions from Google+, i.e. circles. Because there are times when I'd like to post stuff that's only visible to a subset of my followers. And creating a mass DM isn't the right way because you can't add or remove people retroactively.
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