I see you.

I see you helping a friend, a fedizen, someone who'll prolly become a mutual in some hours or less;

I see you boosting that signal, so that help can reach the intended recipient faster than it would without your click;

I see you replying to a stranger's Introductions post, welcoming them to Fedi and offering help with any questions;

I see you developing tools and/or ideas that are useful for our communities here, often for free, and many times in the shadows;

I see you, and I try to reach you, or at least boost you so other you's can get to you, and we all grow up together. Stronger.

Thank you :ablobsmile:

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@nsmckinnon @Pixley @wintgenstein @auntiekiki *emailing Danny Boyle at 3 AM feverish and glassy-eyed* so does the Manson Family exist in this universe or...?

I did some lunch table math a few weeks ago. Assuming it takes on average 30 min for an employee to rotate a password (reboots, re-logins, etc.), assuming an average $50/hr across all employees, ~600k employees @ 4 changes per year (my current company policy is ever 80-ish days) = $60MM of human time spent per year making the company less secure.


Password expiration is dead, long live your passwords - Let your sys admin know in case they are not up to date

May was a momentous month, which marked a victory for sanity and pragmatism over irrational paranoia. I’m talking about Microsoft finally — finally! but credit to them for doing this nonetheless! — removing the password expiration policies from their Windows 10 security baseline.
To quote Microsoft:
"Recent scientific research calls into question the value of many long-standing password-security practices such as password expiration policies, and points instead to better alternatives … If a password is never stolen, there’s no need to expire it. And if you have evidence that a password has been stolen, you would presumably act immediately rather than wait for expiration to fix the problem." squeet.me/objects/962c3e101e35

"Password expiration is dead, long live your passwords" by Jon Evans techcrunch.com/2019/06/02/pass

I remember back when I worked at Microsoft, they made us change our passwords every few months. And yet, there were already guidelines from *Microsoft Research* saying not to do this! microsoft.com/en-us/research/w Glad to see Microsoft has caught up with their own Research department.

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"as a [person of immense privilege], i will stay neutral" get the fuck outa here

I'm working on a set of "wellness" settings for #Pinafore, inspired by Tristan Harris' Center for Humane Technology (humanetech.com/). What kind of settings would *you* like to have in Mastodon? Examples:

- grayscale mode
- no unread notification counts
- no follower/boost/fav counts
- no push notifications
- no boosts/favs/follows in home/notification timelines

I'd love your feedback! Tracking this here: github.com/nolanlawson/pinafor

Big side-eye to people that can wake up early regularly... They're up to something with these early hours, I can feel it in my bones

i made a post with my thoughts about the whole berries.space archival thing here: bune.city/2019/05/archive-team

"Just because something’s publicly available doesn’t mean people want it harvested and stored forever by a dedicated group of data archivists. Posting your phone number on a billboard isn’t consenting to having your phone number posted online by an archival team. Neither is protesting in public, or having a conversation in public, or going skinny-dipping in public, or walking past a CCTV camera in public. Being in public does not mean you automatically consent to having your activities archived."

'Turning the page'
I love how a paper notebook is fixed as far as pages go. In a digital #BuJo you can always move text around but in a pen-and-paper-the-real-thing #BulletJournal situation you are stuck with what you did on a page. You can glue over it or trying to erase it or turn the page but you can't 'undo' or click 'don't save changes'. I like that. It helps me find specific pages or remember things, because everything is tied to a 'place'.
And I like starting over on a new page.

I'm sentimental about spring because the way the sky still isn't fully dark at 10 pm feels the same every year no matter what else is happening. And how tonight I was in the SkyTrain station in the neighbourhood where I lived during the spring ages ago when I was practically a baby but thought maybe I could make this being an adult thing work. And the evening then was warm with a gentle air and not quite dark and I had no idea what I was doing, and I still have no idea what I'm doing.

@alcinnz @carbontwelve @singuliere many people use more than one device, e.g. desktop and laptop, or laptop and mobile. It can be also useful when you change your device.

I think self-hosting the Firefox Sync server should become more widespread, perhaps at the community level like the Fediverse, perhaps at a personal level through @freedomboxfndn installs

we have open follow where you can follow an account just by clicking a button

we have locked follow where you can send a request to follow an account just by clicking a button

we need follow-by-invite, where you can't send a follow request at all and you have to actually ask the person to send you a follow invite, which you would then click a button to follow the account

Here’s how Google can save podcasting from getting silo’d

Give podcasting full respect by making it a search heading. Bing should do it too. Also DuckDuckGo. In fact all search engines should make podcasts a search heading. Simple as that.


@baldur from the article...

"I'm all for 'don't attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence' but I don't believe Google is that incompetent"

Malice and incompetence are not mutually exclusive. More and more as time has gone by I think Google has too much of both.

I set up "mstream on my linux desktop at home and my partner cancelled their spotify! It's a home music streaming service, basically, and comes with a real user-friendly android app, whcih was the big selling point for me (for my partner.)

Tooootally unrelated but does anyone have any recommendations for seedbox hosts and invites to whatever the contemporary what.cd is?

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