You know, as we worry about the future of international travel, I'll just put this out there- give me a solid wifi connection and some actual elbow room, and I'd happily spend a couple of days flying home on a solar powered zeppelin instead of taking a jet.

Can you imagine how quiet it would be too?

Like taking a sleeper train through the sky. I'm really about this idea.

mastodon is like Sesame street where a muppet announces the word of the day and the whole town loses their shit over it

the endless ambertrapped slowness of a sunday morning that just can't seem to start

Hello Fediworld 👋

most of the #switchingsocial website is restored - have a look:
(or for short)

I want to thank @gemlog for preparing the web-archive version and @LuKaRo for extracting the missing pages from the Google Cache. Would have taken so much longer without you two 🙂

Techbro mention…

♲ via @typhlosion: for #tinnitus sufferers, try placing your palms on your ears with your fingers toward the back of your head (like you're taking off a helmet) and drum on the hollow spot at the back of your head (where your spine enters your skull) with your fingers for 15-30 seconds.

I tried this about five minutes ago and my tinnitus still hasn't come back. :o

Google Reader’s death gave life back to RSS newsreaders

Reader sucked the air out of the market. We have so many better, more diverse, and innovative options now.

having a nap is like a game of roulette where red is 'refreshed and wide awake', black is 'groggier and grumpier than before', and 0 is 'accidentally sleep for 6 hours in the middle of the day'

The realization: the perfect audience for any advertising company is a person who’s impulsive, angry, frightened and tired. The cyclic relationships between what you see and how you feel and react means that any machine learning effort aimed at improving business outcomes for an advertising company will unavoidably optimize itself towards creating an audience that’s impulsive, angry, frightened and tired. The incentives don’t permit any other outcome, whatever the people working there say.

A brilliant way to visualize the difference between data, information, knowledge, insight, and wisdom. Discovered on David Perell Monday Musings!

@cwebber yeah this is very concerning. the GPL is still great! the 4 freedoms are still essential! I don't want to see this situation taken advantage of by people that want to dilute free software until it is completely destroyed by the corporate open source and proprietary "open source as in you can see the source but that's it" factions.

@gcupc @bob @zig @sheogorath The Parity Public License goes further than that and could be used to threaten extracting private information unless you pony up and get the data under a different license.

The scope of the Parity Public License is *so* broad that it covers anything you run on the same machine... actually more than that, even other machines that connect to the machine in some cases.

@gcupc @bob @zig @sheogorath I will never run any code that is under the Parity Public License or even touch anything running it with a ten foot pole.

It makes me really sad to see there's an "open core" conference. A conference on how to explicitly corrupt freedom for commercial gain... :(

@GwenfarsGarden you wanted to be notified when it showed up: it's a beautiful single orchid.

It's finally here! It's been years since this orchid flowered, and it's a beautiful flower.

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