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And for the bike nerd community… how to rebuild a 2001 Birdy folding bike, fit panniers on it, and prepare it for a massive tour - blogged:

And this isn’t shutting out views I disagree with. I’ll happily engage with respectful disagreement. I’m just not going to allow it to be personal. Sure, I might often be wrong. But I’m neither stupid nor ill informed.

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I’m going to have a different rule here than on Twitter. If you have never engaged with my here, and your first message to me is unpleasant, I’ll block *immediately*. And likewise if I’m not decent to you, I totally get you might block me too, but I’ll do my best to be as decent as I can.

Ok, thanks to the suggestion from @metatone I am checking out Mast: for Mastodon as a possible MacOS app. Columns are nice… but it feels a big buggy.

That’s enough for today twe… eeer, mastodoons? After having had an account here for years I’m happy there’s now some conversation! 😉

I am using Whalebird as my Mastodon client on MacOS - it does the job, but is a bit clunky... Does anyone have any suggestions for me as to what might work better?

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Back on Mastodon for the first time in 2 years. If Musk buys Twitter I think this might be handy 🙂

Twitter is increasingly driving me mad... so back to Mastodon once in a while?

Oh yeah. The typical early adopter issue... all the nerd are all men! Thanks @alper & @po8crg for the follows, and @superglaze for the idea I should join Mastodon... now let's make this more mainstream and less male!

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