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There isn't enough patience in the world for people who actively put obstacles in front of others who struggle daily with maintaining happiness. We don't all share the same circumstances, and most of us aren't fortunate enough to have a life of optional suffering and voluntary anxiety.

good manners and a little consideration takes almost no effort and can help improve the tone and energy of an individual or an entire community. Don't drain it. Fill it back up. Top it off.

To be honest, I would normally jump at the opportunity to create a new account for the brand I work with on a platform blowing up in the way this one has. Something about Mastodon made me take a beat, though.

It's been awhile since I came to a new platform where people were so welcoming and open. Being a platform relatively free of brands plays a big part in that. And i hope Mastodon stays that way for as long as possible.

Mastodon is looking *sharp* as a web panel in Vivaldi. This could be trouble.

what's the deal with joining/following other instances? do you need to create a new user and have multiple accounts?

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Checking out the Vivaldi browser for the first time. Not bad so far.

Wowza. This is quite nice, innit. Quick #introduction : 

I'm a Canadian, living in Norway and working at Vivaldi (new browser). Love checking out new, weird things like mastodon. โœŒ๏ธ

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