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For anyone curious, I’m using Toot on iOS with the GIPHY keyboard 😇

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Seems I’m not the only one testing this essential functionality 😂

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In May I’ll be joining as Senior Product Marketing Manager!

Absolutely chuffed. ☺️

If you’re looking for a place to manage your team’s knowledge, work and important discussions, this is it. 💪

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📣 At the end of March I had my last day at . It’s been a heck of a ride these past 5 years and it was definitely hard to say goodbye to such a brilliant team.

If you follow me and haven’t tried it yet… I mean, come on. Just do it. 🫵

So, what‘s next? 😁👇

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There's a new version of #Vivaldi Browser out today.

I know it's not fully open source and it's Chromium based, which makes it a non-starter for some, but there's some pretty cool new features in 5.1. :vivaldi: Vivaldi is pushing hard on the horizontal tab scrolling, but for me the Reading List is the big seller. I don't need the horizontal tab scrolling if I have a reading list.

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@kev Well, I'd say that #Vivaldi is the best alternative out there, but why would you take my word for it.

Oh, Laptop Magazine has come out and said the same thing. Among others.

It's a fact. Vivaldi rocks.

@matt @rsolva @chriswere (Former Vivaldi employee here 👋) There’s a nice blog post here that gives a bit more background to their thinking behind this:

Happy release day to ! Version 1.11 is out today w/ new Reader Mode, control over animated GIFs and a squircle-y new icon. 😍⠀
All the details on the blog, but here are the highlights:

💎 Brand new, squircle-icious Vivaldi icon.⠀
🤓 Fine tune Reader Mode font sizes, spacing and more.⠀
🌈 Use custom Theme colors in Reader Mode.⠀
👀 Control how GIF Animations load.⠀
🐭 Adjust the stroke length for Mouse Gestures.

One of the devs is live streaming his work on sync, which is pretty neat.

You can watch live here -->

Happy release day to the Vivaldi team! Another banging release out the door. Here are the highlights:

👀 Add custom thumbnails for Speed Dial links and folders.

🌈 Use your desktop background on the Start Page.

🚢 ( Finally) Dock those Dev Tools to the same window!

🤓 Sort downloads in the Downloads panel any which way.

⚡️ Lightning fast keyboard control w/ Quick Commands.

The full story is here:

@dominicduffin1 yes! A new discovery for me too. I hadn't heard of it until they approached us about working together. Love it when that happens. :)

Personally, I'm pretty varied with search engines. I use the single-letter nickname in the address field constantly to use Google, Ecosia, DDG, Wikipedia, YouTube and (even) Bing.

Turns out, Facebook is a nightmare in handling subrip uploads for video captions. Followed every bit of help/walkthrough/support advice and STILL couldn't get it to work.

Only thing that worked? "Save with encoding --> UTF-8" in Sublime.

Jon 1 - Facebook 0.





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NICE. Launch day going smooth so far at Vivaldi! We released version 1.9 today, adding Ecosia as a default search engine option.

Ecosia uses 80% of its ad revenue to fund tree-planting projects around the world (apparently planting 7M+ already!).

Quite cool to give our users a friendly option. 😀

新しくファンになってくださった日本の皆さんのために - チュートリアル動画に日本語字幕を追加しました!

Turns out Vivaldi is growing like wild in ! Very cool to see it picking up there. We've added Japanese subtitles to all of our tutorial videos to help things along 😁

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