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For those of you coming in on the #twittermigration, it may take some time to get used to the slower pace here. I had tens of thousands of followers on the bird site. The community is smaller here, and there is no recommendation engine pushing content onto your feed.

You community here is what you make it. Take it slow. Enjoy it. Let your nervous system adapt to less stimulation. I suspect it's good for you.

It has certainly been good for me (and I used to make my living on Twitter).

It did get me curious about how hard it is to bolt all these pieces together and it turns out… not bad?

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Two “competing” makers launched their services in the last 24hrs, the one above and this one by levelsio in Twitter:

Cool to see super accessible tools like this coming out. 🙌

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Fun checking out this AI avatar generator today 🎉 Feels like the ultimate in narcissism but 🤷‍♂️

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For anyone curious, I’m using Toot on iOS with the GIPHY keyboard 😇

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Seems I’m not the only one testing this essential functionality 😂

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In May I’ll be joining as Senior Product Marketing Manager!

Absolutely chuffed. ☺️

If you’re looking for a place to manage your team’s knowledge, work and important discussions, this is it. 💪

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📣 At the end of March I had my last day at . It’s been a heck of a ride these past 5 years and it was definitely hard to say goodbye to such a brilliant team.

If you follow me and haven’t tried it yet… I mean, come on. Just do it. 🫵

So, what‘s next? 😁👇

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There's a new version of #Vivaldi Browser out today.

I know it's not fully open source and it's Chromium based, which makes it a non-starter for some, but there's some pretty cool new features in 5.1. :vivaldi: Vivaldi is pushing hard on the horizontal tab scrolling, but for me the Reading List is the big seller. I don't need the horizontal tab scrolling if I have a reading list.

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@kev Well, I'd say that #Vivaldi is the best alternative out there, but why would you take my word for it.

Oh, Laptop Magazine has come out and said the same thing. Among others.

It's a fact. Vivaldi rocks.

Happy release day to ! Version 1.11 is out today w/ new Reader Mode, control over animated GIFs and a squircle-y new icon. 😍⠀

All the details on the blog, but here are the highlights:

💎 Brand new, squircle-icious Vivaldi icon.⠀

🤓 Fine tune Reader Mode font sizes, spacing and more.⠀

🌈 Use custom Theme colors in Reader Mode.⠀

👀 Control how GIF Animations load.⠀

🐭 Adjust the stroke length for Mouse Gestures.

One of the devs is live streaming his work on sync, which is pretty neat.

You can watch live here -->

Happy release day to the Vivaldi team! Another banging release out the door. Here are the highlights:

👀 Add custom thumbnails for Speed Dial links and folders.

🌈 Use your desktop background on the Start Page.

🚢 ( Finally) Dock those Dev Tools to the same window!

🤓 Sort downloads in the Downloads panel any which way.

⚡️ Lightning fast keyboard control w/ Quick Commands.

The full story is here:

Turns out, Facebook is a nightmare in handling subrip uploads for video captions. Followed every bit of help/walkthrough/support advice and STILL couldn't get it to work.

Only thing that worked? "Save with encoding --> UTF-8" in Sublime.

Jon 1 - Facebook 0.

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