Wrote up a new post about something I have been thinking a lot about these days.

On Letting Go ✏️


Ben spent the ride home retelling a story they read about a bunny vampire.

He couldn’t recall which food the vampire was afraid of and decided it was zucchini. I didn’t say anything in the moment and now it feels too late. I suspect this will have a lasting impact on his life.

I always have this open on a tab whenever I'm working on new websites. 🍇👨🏽‍💻

flexboxfieldguide.com/ by @jonibologna

Working on a very special sticker sheet design for our friends 🐙 💜

Up at 5AM on a Saturday.

Running a small business is mostly incredible and I wouldn't have it any other way but also my glob can it be exhausting and scary.

A long overdue swatch organizing session in the office 💆🏻‍♀️

That special nod reserved for making eye contact with someone at the gym that is wearing the same shirt 🎩

During reading practice last night Ben kept mispronouncing sand as “s-AWE-nd”.

After correcting him each time he eventually said it just means *fancy sand* instead of regular sand.

Stubbornness is clearly genetic.

@jonibologna a thriving Fiddle Leaf Fig next to a drafty, windowless front door 🙄🙄

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I know too much and all movies and shows with houseplants in the background are ruined.

A Bird Of Paradise would *never* do well in the dark corner of a dining room 🙄

Growin’ enough babies to justify a bigger pot today ☺️ 🐍

Plant care is taking up most of my weekends but all I can think about is how much room is left here for more plants 🤔🙃

My local market calls when the fresh guacamole is ready and the local garden center calls when the new houseplant shipment arrives 💁🏻‍♀️

I watch a ton of shows when I am feeling tired and burned out. Current top recs include Sharp Objects and The Sinner 👌

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