The very thing that's interesting about Mastodon (that nobody owns it) is also it's biggest weakness - because nobody is accountable for the health of the network either.

After playing around with Mastodon for a few days, I'm wondering about continuing or not - I noticed one of the servers vanished recently. There's too much risk of investing in something that may not persist. The story around dead accounts borking the schema isn't great either (if it's true)

Today I learned that revisionist history is alive and well. Most US sources list ENIAC (1946) as the first electronic computer - even though Konrad Zuse's Z1 (1938), Atanasoff Berry's ABC (1942), and Colossus (1943) all came before. This is why we cannot trust history books.

The Google search results are pretty damning - listing ENIAC first. Wikipedia is wrong, and even the Encylopedia Britannica is flat-out wrong. I'm kind of stunned.

The internet is filled with too many rabbit holes, and not enough time to explore them all.

At a trampoline park with the kids today. I think the term “school holiday” should be interchangeable with “money burning party”.

Back from a few days away, and decided to pull the plug on the second blog. Writing one blog well enough is difficult enough.

In other news, if I could ever write anything without changing my mind about wording and then unwittingly reversing the logic of any statements I might make, that would be really helpful.

I'm kind of torn about Mastodon. I don't think it will never become mainstream because of it's decentralised nature - but then not being mainstream is kind of it's appeal. The masses are NOT here, and that's why it's good :)

Finally clearing the decks at work ahead of a few days off. First holiday days I have taken in quite some time. Away this weekend on tour with the kids rugby team, and then knocking around at home next week :)

@rachelsquirrel welcome to Mastodon! It's all a bit strange at first, but you quickly get used to it :)

p.s. after spending quite some time yesterday tinkering with REACT, I'm still not sold - for more complex user interfaces, it seems incredibly restrictive.

Slowly powering myself up to meet the day ahead. Espresso may have been involved. And chocolate spread on toast.

All staff working from home today - office closed for maintenance work. Time to put some music on, and get the coffee started :)

I think perhaps the most dangerous thing the social internet has done is validate unfounded opinion. The algorithmic timeline has surrounded people with concordant voices - people think *everybody* shares their opinion, because that's all they see - but that's all they are shown.

Still have much to learn about passing props between components in REACT - but I'm getting there. Still seems like a lot of effort compared to spinning up my own objects with pure JS, and using jQuery to manipulate the DOM.

This week I have to learn how REACT works, inside out. I have somehow avoided it for the last however many years. There's something about compiling JSX into JavaScript, and working against a virtual DOM that annoys me as a sort-of-coding-purist. Lets hope I become a fan by lunchtime.

Hah - photos of a statue's naked breasts in the fountains at Trafalgar Square in London just tripped the adult content filter at Tumblr :) That's an achievement, right ?

Just thinking out loud - wondering if I’m the only blogger that writes in text files in , and saves to a repository before pasting into the blog...

Sunday trip to London complete - Miss 18 now has long sought after Doc Martens, and a vastly expanded Manga collection - paid for from her first pay packet from her first full time job

You know the one where you’re so busy chattering with your daughter that you don’t notice going from Paddington to Edgware Road and back again - forgetting to change trains and ending up back where you started.

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