already swapping instances >>>

which means i do plan to spend more time around these parts.

what's the best way to switch over?

last night in my dream i was working as a temp receptionist for some important arts company. after working years or so i finally got the courage to tell the director i made art, and um, would he look at it? he agreed, so i spent that night polishing my projects. then i got a snake (yeah idk dream logic) to add to it it. i realized it was scary on its own, and put a black scarf over the snake (lol very aesthetic.) back at work, just before handing over the snake&art, david bowie saw me and nodded

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Encouraging to see more people join mastodon, although its soo quiet before US friends wake up, which is not a bad thing. Instead, Im surrounded by weird art bots, much like waking up early to listen to the dawn call of birds. I love this new weird posthuman social media. #botsinspace

it's not as much of a problem as advertising and data harvesting, but i think follower counts create bs hierarchies and i wonder if any masto instances hide them

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I checked Mrs Bridge out of the library yesterday and read it all in one day. But it occurs to me, because it is all flash fiction style fragments (500-1200 word chapters) it would be great as a newsletter — as a chapter a day. I subscribed to "Letters to a young poet" as a newsletter like 15 years ago and can't remember what the service was, but it really worked. Email is email, and inboxes are inboxes, but when the writing is excellent, people will read it

i learned the word "pickthanks" recently and it kills me i have yet to find a perfect instance to work it in to a sentence. I might have to have a totally different vibe as a person — peppy, howard hawks-y — to ever get away with it.

ok, i am going to try to stick to this. if for nothing else, i hope to re-learn how to communicate with people on the internet in ways other than hustling or promoting my own work.

Madeline's Madeline is out in new york, and then a few more cities in the coming weeks. it is the best film i have seen this year tied with Sorry to Bother You, and similar to that film, even if you dont necesarily *like* it, it is so original and entertaining it is worth your time. (But I think you'll probably like it :)

hello friends! i'm not sure if i will remember to log in again in the next hour, the next week, or the next month, but i'm happy to be here now and happy to know this space exists.

I love lanky awkward dogs so much and Barcelona even has it's own breed of them — galgos! Like a slightly smaller greyhound. They are everywhere like french bulldogs are in NYC or corgis in London. I'm trying to find a cute photo of one but it's so sad, most of the images illustrate investigative stories of their mistreatment. Anyway, I am terribly moved that so many of the dogs I just saw walking around must be rescue dogs.

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