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The in NW Pennsylvania is quite beautiful this morning. Seemed a shame to ruin the peaceful silence by starting my car.

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I've been scratching this itch for a few days now...and I gotta say I like it. I feel a bit like I'm cheating on though.

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How much data collection is "Enough!"?

When #microsoft retains the decryption key for your (fake) encrypted disk in 'the cloud'?

When Google hoards all your passwords?

When #yahoo and #facebook have all your 'private' chats/emails?

And #amazon records you 24/7 at home+work?
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A popular Linux desktop Xfce / version 4.14 current status?

When announced that they’ve started to work on 4.14, they had the following features in mind to implement for the new release:

* Port everything to GTK+ 3 instead of using the legacy GTK+ 2.

* Use GDbus instead of dbus-lib

* Use symbolic icons for all panel plugins.

* Remove deprecated widgets from the code.

Please consider if you'd help..?

#XFCE #desktop #environment #Linux #GTK3 #development

Chillin' out on a Monday evening. Listening to and working on a new theme intended for (but could be used elsewhere.)

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Russians win 4-3 in OT on a powerplay goal. No shame in taking home the silver Team Germany. That was a hell of a game.

What a crazy 3rd period... 3-3 and heading to OT

Anyone watching the gold medal game for men's ? Gotta root for the German team to pull off the upset against the Russians.

All this talk about lately is giving me flashbacks to the mid to late 90s. I vividly remember having sites on Geocities, Angelfire and AOL...back when it was cool to have red text on black backgrounds and everyone stole the same spinning pentagram GIF for their band site. \m/

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I am a node of syndicated libremusicians, fed up with the ways of the industry. Basically a platform operating with FOSS to the possible extend, to produce release promote & distribute music & their respective authors. I believe in music and in you. I don't believe in a fair *music-market* without a fair *market*.

Generally Sethy Bwoy is doing the copy on this account, a friendly humanoid who's @ isn't important for this #introduction

TL;DR I'm here 2 boost U

Does anyone have any tips on modifying existing ? I'd like to modify Adapta KDE to utilize a different color than the cyan it currently has.

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I know everyone has been raving about recently, but continues to be awesome on , especially with the upgrade to 5.12.

When IT tries to tell you that changing your wallpaper/theme and moving your taskbar to the top is causing specific software malfunctions. Nothing to do with recent updates or running the software on an unsupported OS version, right? "You've made a lot of customizations here."

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