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Nothing like a big box of dougnuts in the office for .

string.IsNullOrWhitespace(...) > string.IsNullOrEmpty(...)

An excellent collection of categorized modules and how relevant/recent they are.

If you're looking for endless progression and learning. Perhaps looking to become a better version of yourself. Try . We start together. Finish together. Laugh together. Struggle together.

I'm looking to take the plunge and transition from full-time employment to contract/freelance work. How can I avoid mudding my relationship with my current employer. It would be great if they become my first client.

#Mastodon v1.1.2 should come pretty soon. This instance is on latest master right now, which means upgrade to Ruby 2.4.1 (perf improvements), a better styled emoji dialog, boost confirmation dialogs, and proper scrolling for filtered notifications.

Yesterday I gave a presentation on , and touted it as a very intuitive framework.
Halfway through the session, I realized it is everything BUT intuitive! Whoops :P

"Will Mastodon make any money?" scream the journalists, who have forgotten the joy of building sandcastles on the beach

The key thing about Mastodon usernames is that they are fully qualified. i.e. I'm [at]akrabat[at]

However, if you're on my local instance (mastodon.techology), then you can just use [at]akrabat.

This is the same as the way landline telephones work - you can just dial the local number bit if you have the same area code. I wonder how many people will realise this as we're used to unique handles on social networks.

@yzoja Saw your post about finding web devs. Absolutely you can find us! Search for relevant hash tags like etc!

Is there a benefit to allowing the Follow Bots follow you?

I'm compelled to block them as I see them.

Why are NSFW accounts following me? If I want to see such content, I'll go to a website dedicated to it upon my own volition. Thank you.

For you Reactors: Production-ready template built with React/Redux/React-Semantic-UI/Webpack/Jest

@stephenb Not "common" interests. You know what I meant, haha

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