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Very cool, Chris! +1 for making Mastodon a better place! Is there documentation for your translator I can read up on?


Testing @cs.mastodon.social's
This is just a test, so I don't know exactly what will happen.

@translator fr

A reminder to everyone about starting on Monday! A week where we sign out of Twitter and post our thoughts on .


A shameless plug for a great friend. These podcasts will get you up to speed on the deepest mentalities of parkour.


@cdevroe You said you like podcasts.

#coding: *Semaphores and OOP*
#codeing: "ay imma push this and see if it works k?"

People are brainstorming new logos for Mastodon in this GitHub issue:

I really like the direction github.com/SamSaramyak's is going:

One of the fun parts of working for a large client with a large product is learning their ridiculous proprietary architecture!

Hello Fediverse!

We're doing a crazy animation made with libre tools and giving it all away CC/GPL (many are new tools we made for the film). Check out the new Wires for Empathy teaser! You can donate to support the work, and get your name in the credits! We're also looking for sponsors. You can also help us by spreading the word.


Shoutout to Blender, Krita, Gimp, Inkscape and Python

free software <3


mastodon.social is now running commit baabbce, I'll give it a little while, if everything goes smoothly, that will be tagged as the v1.2.1 release

@eileenb It's great to see so many geeky professionals adopting Mastodon!


When I first looked at this there were just over 100,000 users. Now there's well over a million on instances.mastodon.xyz
That is stunning growth indeed mastodon.cloud/media/MonvVBtvA

My hair is leaving my head and going to my face and back.

Two development teams.
Two branches.
We merge into theirs: 596 files
They merge back into ours: 250,000 files.
*grabs popcorn*

Gated Check-ins.
The best of times.
The worst of times.

Maybe it's a good thing to be a little bit pessimistic. So when things work out fine, it's a pleasant surprise :)

The boss is out for a week. Hopefully he will have a newborn soon. That makes me the point of contact for a lot of things. A growing appreciation for the knowledge he has and the decisions he has to make.

Transitioning to self-employment has been a joy so far. Learning what's beyond the code. The people. The local community.

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