I never wanted my son to follow in my footsteps. Little did I know he'd do much better!


On 1/13, Mexico's Supreme Court found in favor of Indigenous Community Telecommunications (TIC), unanimously finding that community groups like TIC were entitled to free "social use" spectrum licenses.


The decision did not rely on treaty rights, but rather upon a carve out in Mexican spectrum policy that gives free spectrum to community groups. TIC is an incredibly effective network of 80 towns in 18 Indigenous communities operating voice and data mobile networks.


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Yesterday's threads: The right's theories about human behavior are bankrupt; Adjacent, similar NYC neighborhoods with wildly different outcomes; Honey in a glue dispenser; Iceland's world-beating coronavirus app didn't help much; Thunderspy: a devastating attack on Thunderbolt; Talking Canada Reads and Radicalized; Plane ticket refunds (without airline cooperation)



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Ohio "re-opened" without vaccines. effective therapeutics, sufficient ventilators, or adequate PPE/disinfectant, so workers will risk their lives if they go back to their jobs. But what Ohio DOES have is a snitchform for bosses when this happens.


That way, bosses can punish workers who are reluctant to throw themselves into volcanoes to appease the economy gods by getting their unemployment benefits taken away, subjecting them to homelessness and starvation.


It is totally hilarious that Nationbuilder - infamous for congratulating Trump for using its platform - is running Google search ads as an 'alternative to @civicrm ' . Don't support Trump? Check out the for at CiviCRM.org/spark

It's been almost 3 years since I posted this, so wondering if there are even more folks here now...

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In Krita, took a NASA nebula photo (grand star forming, region R136 in NGC 2070), covered it with a black fill and erasing a mandala through the black to reveal the nebula ^.^

#mastoart #artwithopensource


Yo @Xeni come on back in the pool, the water is just right

Some of the great things about and are the great discussions about using, testing and improving

Just arrived in town for ! Looking forward to talking about @CallHubIO phonebanking integration with @civicrm

Stop by our table in the #LFNW expo hall and say hi! We're here all weekend.

Had a great time today at LinuxFest Northwest . Looking forward to tomorrow!

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