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I am a generalist; I’ve worked in and around design & tech & ads. UI, data/info visualization, and product design are my main work focus.
I am a .
I love learning and am mostly self taught:
I’m an Armenian American in California, by way of metro Detroit
I grew up in the cradle of design & engineering and have created logos, furniture, posters, and more.
I designed this Cognitive Bias infographic, which you may know:

who called it the Last Of Us and not the Walking Dad

Bootsy just arrived on the scene and already has his own US postage stamp.

Food & Diets 

2. At meals I reach a feeling of “full” after only a small volume of food. This really felt unintuitive, but it seems when you eat the way your body “wants” you to eat, ie. much less processed carbs, that you don’t need to eat much.

3. Eating more healthy fats, dramatically fewer carbs, plus healthy vegetables gives me a strangely mellow but long lasting energy. Feels like incredibly boring magic.

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Food & Diets 

Trying a weight loss for the first time — high fat, low protein, healthy vegetables, and near zero carbs.

After one week, three surprising things have become apparent:

1. I don’t particularly crave the missing carbs.

Patience and kindness with yourself and your community is a must.

– jm3 credo

I can no longer fathom what it would feel like to be excited to check my email., and were hit by a DDoS yesterday, thankfully was already behind Fastly so it didn't have ny impact on it. We've now moved behind Fastly and will do the same with soon.

:anarchy: :anarchy: :anarchy: :anarchy:

Let’s make 2023 year of the personal website.

:anarchy: :anarchy: :anarchy: :anarchy:

Is there an app that tracks bars without TVs?


all of the reforms failed at the same damn time - black cops, body cameras, multiple cops on the scene, tasers instead of guns- so how is more reform the answer?
#Blacker cops? Even non-deadlier non deadly weapons? ten cops instead of five? HD body cameras? harder convictions?


@drrt anyone interesting I should be following? I imported my bird website followers and followings but am still hungry for content

TIL that automatic language filtering already exists today in ! this rules, I wanted this feature on the 🗑️🐦 website for a decade plus.

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The @Iconfactory has 16.1k “followers” on Twitter and currently about 4.1k here on Mastodon. Our last post received a whopping 9 likes and 3 retweets on Twitter and an amazing 287 favorites and 163 boosts here on Mastodon.

This has been said before by many people but Twitter isn’t worth your time any more. People don’t SEE what you’re saying there, even if they actually follow you. The service is in big, BIG trouble.

Also, thx for following @Iconfactory here, we appreciate all of you 💕🖖

gems like these are why you always dig around in an app’s resource files

(from Xscope by @Iconfactory)

Why make any progress on one project when you can start a new one every few hours?

I have yet to find all my friends on here but I gotta say, it's just real pleasant here on the ole don.

Does anyone know why some users flag ALL their images as Sensitive when none of them show nudity or anything that would imply needing a warning? One example: nafergo (remove the space in the url)

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