For educators, I have made available many of my resources around teaching and learning, including more than 100 interviews with digital media and learning pioneers

There are some new EU accounts you can follow on Mastodon!

@EEAS (European External Action Service) is the diplomatic service of the EU representing Europe across the world.

@IHI (Innovative Health Initiative) is a EU public-private partnership, funding health research and innovation. Follow them for news on funding opportunities!

@eib (European Investment Bank) is where you can keep up-to-date on sustainable projects that make impact on people’s lives in Europe and beyond.


@DjBRINE1 I know, but this is a cross verification of identity between accounts in TW and Masto.

Verificación cruzada de identidades entre cuentas del y de :

Ejemplo de verificación cruzada:
(se puede incluir en el perfil y genera un vínculo confirmado en verde).

Base de datos de correspondencias verificadas:

Testing (cross verification of TW/MD accounts):
This is my account on Mastodon - - verified by

Time to introduce myself. Hello!

I'm an economist, writer and professional nerd.

I write books (The Undercover Economist, How To Make The World Add Up, etc).

I present "More or Less" on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service.

My FT column is called "The Undercover Economist"; it's been running since 2005.

I also present "Cautionary Tales", a podcast about learning from other people's mistakes.

Nice to be here.

#Twittermigration #Economics #Writing #introduction

Hi there. Opening this account as a precaution against the Muskocolypse.

Some quick notes on how we might build some of the essential infrastructure and governance processes that will be needed if #Mastodon is really going to be sustainable and viable as a mass-adoption social network (1/n):

#PeerTube Episodio especial de HECHO CON BLOQUES, dedicado a la intergración entre #Mastodon y #WordPress, y recién estrenado, también disponible en la #Federación

The reach the universe of the and intend to transfer their culture and digital practices there, which are –exactly– those from which the Federation had intended to distance itself when forming its planets:

@skarlis @kegill With the @tootapp you can follow hashtags the same way, and also you can access the TL of remote instances.

@jeffjarvis For the case of future research, I put together a list of +1k verified accounts prior to November 9 (you can find it from my profile). Please, check DM.

@kegill Search the hashtag and then Pin the column of results.

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