: 6 Tips for beginners

1/6 Post a short personal introduction headed by , then you have to pin it to make it stand out on your timeline. Use for all relevant words. Example:

2/6 Explore the internal search engine: you can search for tags (), users (@username@instance), profile URLs (https://instance/@username) and posts URLs (Toots).

3/6 To follow users from other instances you have to copy the username or profile URL and paste it in the search field.

4/6 To follow a topic (for example: ) search the tag and fix the column (top right corner/ Settings/Fix).

5/6 You may like to follow the of your instance, look for it in the home page of the instance. By the way, founder Eugen Rochko’s username is: @Gargron.

6/6 In order to make your content more visible in , you can use hashtags within the text and also at the end of your postings.

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