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: 6 Tips for beginners

1/6 Post a short personal introduction headed by , then you have to pin it to make it stand out on your timeline. Use for all relevant words. Example:

2/6 Explore the internal search engine: you can search for tags (), users (@username@instance), profile URLs (https://instance/@username) and posts URLs (Toots).

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¡Hello, Mastodonians!

I am a professor of Communication at the of Navarra, School of Communication in .

since 2002 and since 2007 about the impact of technological on , and .

Author of: Culturas digitales (2021), Los medios después de internet (2015), Mundo Twitter (2011) and La revolución de los blogs (2006).


From the series «Practice Your » now comes: another 10 to follow:

@alvy (one of the @microsiervos)
@carmela_rios (the pioneer of TW )
@chiquiesteban ( is his language)
@eduardosuarez ( 2.0)
@gferreres (lady )
@jeperego (my agent in )
@mario_benito (the knowledge of experience, the spirit of )
@nafuente ( @ )
@torresburriel (the man)

Yes, there will be another 10 soon...

I'm looking for examples of universities running their own instances of Mastodon.

Please, DM. Thank you very much.

will love:

Title: Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace
Author: Janet H. Murray
Editor: The Free Press, 1997
Pages: 324
ISBN: 0-684-82723-9

«All the major representational formats of the previous five thousand years of human history have now been translated into digital form», p. 27.


I've been collecting reports from Mastodon instance operators as they cope with the #TwitterMigration:

Starting with reports from @chad (Mastodon Canada), @nova (Hachyderm), and @aurynn (Cloud Island, New Zealand).

Learning lots. If you know of other reports, please @-tag me and I'll add them to the list. is not meant for general personal accounts, there are already two directories for them at and

I'm trying to build lists of accounts that focus on specific topics.

This is why I need help with suggestions, because accounts that focus on topics are much rarer than general personal accounts.


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From the series «Practice Your », now comes:
10 to follow

@albertocairo (alias )
@blogpocket (el señor de los bloques)
@fernand0 (avisó de en 2019)
@jamillan (fan de su )
@marilink (una periodista )
@marcostaracido (inolvidable Libro de Notas)
@mer (mi gran operadora en Madrid)
@sindolafuente (el adelantado de
@victoriano (el mago de los datos en )
@vrruiz (el rey de )

Habrás más entregas...

Comienzo una semanal sobre técnicas de , pautas culturales y estrategias de en .

Se titula «Mastodontes». Se distribuye los sábados, solo para suscriptores. Espero que les guste:

Reconnecting with your favorite Twitter accounts is easier than ever. Over 609 trust voices and great follows are now in a searchable, filterable, and sortable directory at

#fedified #FollowFriday

Blogpocket Show (episodio especial): La crisis de Twitter

Episodio especial de Blogpocket Show,  dedicada a la crisis de Twitter.

#live #webshow

The four stages of Mastodon user:
* what’s a Mastodon
* I feel lost and alone how does this work
* oh wow this is actually pretty cool
* I’m an instance admin now

A VERY good question:

"Twitter’s potential collapse could wipe out vast records of recent human history

What happens when the world’s knowledge is held in a quasi-public square owned by a private company that could soon go out of business?"

Looking to commission some art/crafts/creations? Use the #ArtistWanted tag - people who make stuff, check this tag!

#NewsMedia in #Mastodon (Part 3): 

@Chron (Houston)
@ctxt (ES)
@gbhnews (Boston)
@_infoLibre (ES)
@longreads (longform nonfiction)
@restofworld (Technology)
@sciencenews (Science)
@STAT (Health & Medicine)
@TheConversationAfrica (Africa)
@theconversationau (AU+NZ)
@theconversationes (ES)
@TheConversationUK (UK)
@TheConversationUS (US)
@themarkup (Technology)

Feel free to suggest others for Part 4.

I just graphed Mastodon's MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS each day for the month of November.

At the end of October there were 496K active users, and at the end of November there are 2.6M -- that's over 500% growth.

This is just ACTIVE users; there are millions more non-active accounts.

(For comparison, Twitter allegedly has 396.5M monthly active users, or about 152x the active userbase of Mastodon.)

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