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: 6 Tips for beginners

1/6 Post a short personal introduction headed by , then you have to pin it to make it stand out on your timeline. Use for all relevant words. Example:

2/6 Explore the internal search engine: you can search for tags (), users (@username@instance), profile URLs (https://instance/@username) and posts URLs (Toots).

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¡Hello, Mastodonians!

I am a professor of Communication at the of Navarra, School of Communication in .

since 2002 and since 2007 about the impact of technological on , and .

Author of: Culturas digitales (2021), Los medios después de internet (2015), Mundo Twitter (2011) and La revolución de los blogs (2006).


En estos últimos 7 días, he conversado en #Mastodon más que en los últimos 7 años en #birdsite. Y de eso se trata ¿no?

to Know Me:

1) The First Forty-Nine Stories (1939) by Ernest Hemingway

2) Understanding Media (1964) by Marshall McLuhan

3) The Modern Mind (2002) by Peter Watson

4) The Inevitable (2016) by Kevin Kelly

5) Who Can You Trust (2017) by Rachel Botsman

6) The Game (2018) by Alessandro Baricco

7) Papyrus. The Invention of Books in the Ancient World (2022) by Irene Vallejo


A question I am asking myself while we're experimenting on and

What if creators could license their own cartoons from the platform? now needs #cartoonists is a decentralized, federated cartoon sharing platform - operated by the Fourth Estate.

Like the site we will experiment federating it via the ActivityPub relay.

As you prep your #socialmedia for #news strategy for the future, keep in minds that individual #journalists can be better than news brands when it comes to engaging the audience. And journalists succeed on #social when they are discoverable, authentic, passionate and of service.

These questions can get journalists thinking about their social strategy:

What are you trying to accomplish on social?

How do your goals on social align with your mission?

How do you measure success?


FYI: is NOT open to registrations.

It's an instance that's only available for my family and I.

I'm careful with what I post there lest whatever I say becomes too popular -- and I get DoS'd. Because that's happened.

I mostly post to because it has the capacity to deal with lots of boosts, likes, and comments whereas is meant to be a tiny instance.

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For educators, I have made available many of my resources around teaching and learning, including more than 100 interviews with digital media and learning pioneers

There are some new EU accounts you can follow on Mastodon!

@EEAS (European External Action Service) is the diplomatic service of the EU representing Europe across the world.

@IHI (Innovative Health Initiative) is a EU public-private partnership, funding health research and innovation. Follow them for news on funding opportunities!

@eib (European Investment Bank) is where you can keep up-to-date on sustainable projects that make impact on people’s lives in Europe and beyond.


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Ejemplo de verificación cruzada:
(se puede incluir en el perfil y genera un vínculo confirmado en verde).

Base de datos de correspondencias verificadas:

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Time to introduce myself. Hello!

I'm an economist, writer and professional nerd.

I write books (The Undercover Economist, How To Make The World Add Up, etc).

I present "More or Less" on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service.

My FT column is called "The Undercover Economist"; it's been running since 2005.

I also present "Cautionary Tales", a podcast about learning from other people's mistakes.

Nice to be here.

#Twittermigration #Economics #Writing #introduction

Hi there. Opening this account as a precaution against the Muskocolypse.

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