Tonight was. A bad brain night. Like a google-people-i-used-to-know kind of night.

Today was a nice day. I went out to Hempstead, NY to eat a stupidly big burrito (see attached photos) and then sat in a very empty park for an hour or two reading Fullmetal Alchemist. Just now, I did my few remaining chores. Lazy, relaxing day.

Stephen King's best work does not lend itself to adaptation, and yet

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It just fills in the hollow places, that's all

So much of the entire stupid thing relies on circular reasoning, I hate it and nerds!!

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I just lost like two hours in Pokémon because I forgot to save before switching to Hulu

Damn that's a weird movie. Some shit I never seen in a movie. Definitely worth a watch, even if it never really confronts what it means to cast a black man in a Lovecraft adaptation. Especially worrying cuz we all know what fuckin color he was talking about.

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Seeing COLOR OUT OF SPACE at the 8:37pm showing in my bedroom. No trailer thread because it's a digital rental.

It's NOT THE SAME damn it

Star Trek Discovery season two 

The prime directive is dog shit, Saru's people are literally raised and slaughtered for food but Starfleet isn't allowed to interfere 🙄🙄🙄

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Entering the school building for the first time in almost three months

Something in my bedroom smells like burnt electronics

Put Maxwell from Scribblenauts in Mortal Kombat

How about everyone focus on reducing the harm our actions do to others, and preventing others from doing harm as well? How about we just meet everyone's needs? We have the resources and the infrastructure. We're just actively choosing not to.

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The driving philosophy behind America is that individuals acting selfishly will automatically balance at a societal level to equity. This theory has proven obviously untrue, and as such, should be dispensed with. People with power found loopholes that prevent their subordinates from being able to act in their own self-interest with any real autonomy, thus preventing this theorized balance from even starting. How about we try compassion instead?

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