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The main character of Undertale is of unspecified gender, and MatPat was (somewhat clumsily) addressing this by referring to them alternately as "he" or "she", at random. Since the last video, he seems to have responded to criticism by including "they" among the random pronouns. This is pleasantly surprising progress!

Is this like with Wil Wheaton where he joined Mastodon but people don't want to let him use Mastodon and have trouble articulating why

Oh what's up it's Tuesday, here's my GOD DAMN PODCAST

Which Horseman of the Apocalypse fucks the best? Find out what we think, including a discussion of the Angel of Death's sensual skeleton smoothness

Tonight's D&D adventures:

DM @actualgarbage 's NPC: "you're gonna kill me for breaking a fake law??"

@mattherron 's pirate captain: "It's not fake if I'm setting you on fire for it!"

“T.N.T” by AC/DC, but replace the “T.N.T.” with “D&D,” I’ll take my writer’s credit and million dollars

Why is everyone on here mad at John Green

I'm paranoid about people secretly hating me because it's happened a bunch of times, but usually people aren't thinking about me at all

Chatting with some students about Smash Bros. after school. One told me his first video game he ever played was Brawl, which makes sense, since he was like three when it came out. I'm getting old, but some shit transcends generational divides.

God, I know I'm not in the majority here, but I just love GRRM's lengthy descriptions of family histories and battles long ago ended

Simon Vance is really great as the narrator for Fire & Blood and would be a great pick for the next proper A Song of Ice & Fire novel, should it ever be released

I think I have enough temporal distance from my bad feelings about Amanda Palmer that I can finally re-listen to her two very good music albums, Who Killed Amanda Palmer? and Theatre Is Evil, which I enjoy

Excited for next year's Avatar: 10th Anniversary Edition

It's a shame that CBD oil doesn't do anything. I would have just kept my forty dollars.

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