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Fucking unbelievable that Parasite won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. Almost makes up for Midsommar and Uncut Gems getting totally snubbed on nominations.

fear of hackers breaking into your cloud accounts and discovering you're just like everyone else, with dull unimaginative secrets.

not gonna watch the Oscars tonight because I'll be too busy Not Wanting To Personally Witness The Joker Win Any Awards

It's amazing how many people online think they were losers in high school. You have no idea. It could've been so much worse.


1. (colloquial) very good, pleasing, desirable
2. (colloquial) bad, evil, disgusting
3. (colloquial, vulgar) slang for penis
4. (colloquial) a regional pastry made of fried dough"

-the definition of every single word you look up in a language you don't speak

Also Harley is actually bisexual this time. There's a lady in her montage of exes during her origin story. It's not huge but it's better than nothing or a shitty portrayal.

My favorite part in Birds of Prey is when Harley says she voted for Bernie

A new Carly Rae Jepsen single dropped yesterday!! It slaps!!

I'm pretty sure this is Katie Holmes in The Boy 2. I think if it were Maggie Gyllenhaal, I'd be way less sure.

It's just occurring to be that I'm seeing a horror movie and it might be scary, whoops oh no

AQP2 again

In the Heights is a weird trailer to go before this one. Also it's weird that nobody talks about the main character's name being a racist joke.

Oh I'm seeing The Lodge by the way.

Red band for Antlers, that wendigo movie. Looks fine.

Okay feature time bye πŸ‘‹

Birds of Prey whipped ass. Also one of the sound editors or something is named Stephanie Brown.

Saint Maud looks fuckin incredible and very upsetting.

Spiral is absolutely on my list. Chris Rock being like "hey Saw is great, I wanna be in one of those" is so bizarre.

Black Widow again, yes. Florence Pugh is a queen, David Harbour is a thick dad, Rachel Weisz is there. Just put it in my veins.

The Invisible Man is gonna be good don't @ me

The Boy 2, blech.


Fozzie Bear has his entire reality completely destroyed


AN IMAX EXCLUSIVE LOOK at a movie where there's a terrorist attack in a theater. Orchestra, but still, geeeez. It's Tenet. Was gonna see it anyway.

Shit that was great actually.

Anyway movie time ✌️✌️✌️

Bloodshot looks okay but I've never read any of them comics. If it's successful, they're gonna try for a Valiant Comics cinematic universe, right?

No Time To Die will be good. But really, it just has to be better than Spectre tbh.

Oh shit, F9, this time it's actually about literal family

AQP2, sure I'll watch Emily Blunt do anything, also what the fuck that's Cillian Murphy!!


Easy meeting done, hard meeting next, lunch now

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