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Kate Beckinsale is old enough to be Pete Davidson's mom and we should absolutely not be happy about them fucking, you gross weirdos

do you ever think about how "welp" is just the modern English version of "alas"

In case you were worried that goth subculture is dead, one of my students showed up today dressed like the rave goths from the famous gif

snakes are the ultimate life form

- long
- go ssssss
- sit under a lightbulb

I started my first real teaching job today and I'm extremely relieved and overwhelmed

Oh no, Spotify bought Gimlet Media, RIP my fav podcast

saying person of play instead of g*mer to be more sensitive

I'm revisiting American Idiot now, fifteen years later, because I didn't like any of it the first time around. I think my problem was that I didn't yet appreciate queer media and was afraid of politics, so I had no way to connect to the album.

I'd bet anything that none of these dumb physics motherfuckers asking wether or not time exists have never had to work a clopen shift

taking a break from mastodon... this site is unhealthy for me. i was typing a post then i slipped on a banana peel and my dick flew into the garbage disposal at the exact same time my hand accidentally hit the power switch

I'm beginning to suspect that maybe Graham Linehan thought all the bumbling, oblivious fuckwads he wrote about in his little TV shows were handsome and successful cool guys

i have just learned the spice girls are all tories and that they said thatcher was the original spice girl, sorry have to go reconceptualize my entire childhood now, see you in about seven years

Lil John never asks "turn down for how?"

Hello, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is on the writing staff for Veronica Mars season four anyway bye

If you're hearing "Boy Problems," I feel good for you, son/It's an excellent song from E·MO·TION Side 1

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