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D&D pirate crew 

i would like to thank further confusion for weaponizing owo against non-congoers


not to toot my own horn, but still think this Bizarro one's pretty good


When will someone invent a toothpaste for #women

I belonged to a web forum on the website Game Sprite Archives back in middle school and high school, and the website just shut down. We have a Facebook group where former members are hanging out.

Jersey City issued me a parking ticket for something I didn't do and they didn't actually leave the ticket on my car, so now my mom is freaking out cuz they mailed her a summons for my dad to their house


Thinking about how dumb it is that the two major IM apps, which aim to be as clean and efficient as possible, are named Discord and Slack

if you don't think the ambient design choices that we take for granted aren't subtly or even overtly influencing us i would suggest spending 2 minutes thinking about how much the name "grubhub" sucks

Fortnite and Netflix are competing for most screentime, yet Netflix is hemorrhaging cash while Fortnite has made two billion dollars

isn't it cool that once we started using a decentralized structure for our social media consumption we also started thinking about fun and creative TLDs. it's almost like the shitty neo-memphis group web design paradigm with boring cutesy names like Slack and Tumblr is a way to ornament the corporate takeover of the web and turn it into a flat barren moneyscape.

reclaim website, is what i'm saying, because it's fun

thrown out of old navy yet again for demanding they sell me a single jean

I beat World of Light. Is Sakurai okay?

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