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Someone super matched me on Bumble but they never showed up in my stack of people to swipe, along with 5 other people who supposedly matched me

alright listen. the first DLC characters announced for smash are Joker and Piranha Plant. those are both ridiculous already, and there are four more coming. nintendo will have to escalate with each one.

lady gaga will absolutely be in smash before this is over

Twilight Princess is really nice-looking, especially for a GameCube game

There's basically no respect in Hollywood for The Golden Globes, which makes the ceremony really fun

The post-credits scene for Endgame is absolutely going to be a Secret Invasion tease. It'll take one of the dead secondary characters and reveal them as a Skrull.

In a sad mood, morosely posting podcasts to my feed, gonna go moodily eat some pasta

my only legitimate acting credit is “Disembodied Arm Who Adds Wood” in “Fireplace for Your Home”

it’s wild that people can just go about their lives, being happy all the time

Nope, ghosted. Damn! We were talking on Kik and she blocked me out of nowhere. Reddit comment history says she just found another person instead.

Blue Lives Matter Punisher Skull is the new Confederate Flag

My classes don't start until the end of the month, hooray

If I was a Pokémon gym leader my whole team would be Jigglypuffs, which would distract you with their charms while I drop on you from the rafters with my knife

1st day on Mastodon: hi everyone, I'm interested in art, architecture, and cat pics!! 😊

3rd day on Mastodon: gonna find bigfoot and fuck him


Enjoying the contemptuous tone of the U-Bahn’s nonbinary option


I found a pack of analog TV shaders for RetroArch and I'm so excited to play the same fuckin games I been playing for decades

It's extremely funny to me when people capitalize Dom but not sub, like how much of a fucking nerd do you have to be

Going sicko mode at the womens march

counterfeit toothbrushes making my gums fall out

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