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Me: "(person) doesn't like me"
All of our mutual friends: "No, (person) is like that with everyone"
(Person): *deletes me on Facebook*


As a cishet white guy, I've learned one of the most valuable things I can add to any conversation is nothing. Just shut my fuckin mouth.

The students I worry about most are the ones who don't like themselves and the ones who other students don't like

The main issue with this website is that nobody on it is even close to as funny as dril or dvs, but lots of folks sure think they are

I can say aloud the phrase "Echo play emo forever" and I will be served a playlist from Spotify that is indeed titled "Emo Forever". 2018 kicks ass.

Two things I think about more often than is normal:

1. Years before I met him in college, I almost definitely saw one of my college theater buddies in a stage version of Snow White when he was like seven years old

2. I was in a play with a close friend's soon-to-be brother-in-law before I met that friend and long before he met his fiance

We all seen what happened to Kanye is all I'm saying

I hope this woman has a really good therapist, cuz it's gotta be a lot of pressure to be an extremely talented 25-year-old who is already a decade into her very successful career, on top of a bombing at one of her concerts and her ex-boyfriend's suicide happening within like a year and a half

I enjoy the song thank u, next by American recording artist Ariana Grande

white people love to put sunglasses on their dead friend bernie and pretend he's still alive

i guess you could say i'm, a single father with no kids

You know, some of the old emo songs on this playlist are pretty problematic by today's standaWHATEVER POISON'S IN THIS BOTTLE WILL LEAVE ME BROKEN SORE AND STIFF

Unironically listening to Cobra Starship in 2018

you know what.... im done apologizing!!!!! no more of that!!!!!!! unless i do something bad. or make a mistake. sorry if this post is unclear

(I didn't mean to come across like a "War On Christmas" dumbass, sorry)

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