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Or requiring a CW for "food mention". Like, I get that these things upset people, but they're extremely common to the point where a warning is useless.

This reminds me of when well-meaning queer teens demand a CW for the word "queer", an identity already under attack from mainstream society

Strong language; more Star Trek thoughts and tech grumbling :StarfleetInsignia: Show more

For me:

1. Raichu
2. Skarmory
3. Ralts
4. Lucario
5. Emolga
6. Tyrantrum
7. Mimikyu

What are your favorite Pokémon from each generation?

I haven't done Follow Fridays because I feel like I'll exclude someone and feel terrible, but here's the friends I had from Twitter/irl that are here now:

@mattherron my brother! The best brother anyone could have, sorry everyone else

@jk my friend Jeff who would love to talk to you about Star Wars

@Alexis they know more about Doctor Who than anyone living or dead

@tessaracked they're the smartest cinephile I know

Sometimes I think about what it would feel like to be held by another person again and I'm worried that if it ever happens, I will just start crying??

I Google dumb shit like "why do black guys like dbz" but there's an answer this time

FILM THEORY: The universal translator can't decode the subtlety of Groot's identity-centered language, so it only tells Quill, and therefore us, the basic literal meaning

Natalie Imbruglia covering Instant Crush is great

Nature: ok little guy, so do you want to hop or scurry or burrow or--
Bat: fl.y
Nature: um, you mean "glide?"
Bat: FLY
Nature: Listen, there aren't any other mammals that--
Bat: :hacker_f: :hacker_l: :hacker_y:
Nature: For fucks sake FINE, you can fly
Bat: thank

The theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air features prominently in several scenes of The Hate U Give, and it's very obvious in the audiobook recording that they spliced in an extremely flat affect, monotone read of the lyrics, probably to avoid legal trouble

What the fuck, I thought y'all was joking about Stephen Hillenburg dying. Man. That extremely sucks.

Oh dip, I forgot to promote my podcast this week- give yourself a mulligan on this episode maybe, we're definitely less good when we like the subject, and we sure like kitchen/hardware/electronics tools

🎶 Once upon a time I was falling in love,
Now I'm only falling apart.
Nothing I can do,
Kevin James stars as Paul Blart 🎶

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