Anyone else ever think "I don't have any friends" on a daily basis, even after three consecutive days of deeply meaningful friend interaction?

Is this horny 

I didn't know there was nudity at all, let alone child nudity, this sucks. And that's not even what I "what the fuck"ed about.

This is uglier than the series, weirdly. Looks cheaper.

I think the main thing turning me off of this franchise is that the horniness is shameless and unironic.

I started the original series twice, then tried the Netflix redub, now I'm watching the movie remake from ten years ago. I still have no fucking idea what's happening or why.

What the fuck is up with Evangelion, this shit don't make any sense

Downloaded Byte and drunkenly registered the usernames electrolemon and griffinmcelroy. Tried for a lot of brands and for the Paul brothers but they were taken.

Activate your Amazon Echo and try this fun phrase: "play Solidarity Forever by Pete Seeger"

Try as I might, the trivia team would simply not allow our name to be "Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat"

If anything, the cat name is indicative of the environment which would turn a child into a virulent racist as he grew into adulthood, rather than a symptom of said racism

It's weird that the smoking gun of Lovecraft's racism for a lot of people is the name of his childhood cat, rather than the fact that all of his stories are about black people being so scary that you go insane from being near them, or how miscegenation is scary, or about how indigenous peoples are trying to summon a giant monster to kill everyone

no notable queer characters in the MCU, aka Spider-Man: Far From Homo

Recognized a non-English word in a book because of how on-line I am

The heroes always win, canonically, because the Force wills it

One thing I really love about Star Wars is that they have an in-universe explanation for plot armor

Let me fill my life with friends I can alternately try to outsmart and be outsmarted by

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