My biggest struggle in life is that most people hate me for no reason

I said to him "You can't talk to women like that, shut your god damn mouth. It's 2018, are you a caveman??" so he said he would kill me and pulled his keys out as makeshift brass knuckles.

My first mistake: I paused my podcast to hear a crazy yelling guy

My second mistake: I took my headphones off to hear him better

My third mistake: When he called someone trying to board "You dumb bitch", I yelled at him

I got off at the next stop at the hushed insistence of the guy next to me. Luckily, it was the opposite side from the crazy guy, where I boarded.

I have seen the future, and the McElroy Empire will fall because Travis secretly beats his wife or sexually harassed a fan or something

It's harder to make friends on here than it was on Twitter in 2009 because there's no search and in the past nine years everyone has become insufferable including me

Might fuck around and get pregnant with the great American novel

The Bent-Neck Lady is a damn fine episode of television

I hope Victoria Pedretti is the big star to come out of Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House. She's good at face acting and has an amazing look for horror and drama.

@Louisa Xmas, the big summer holiday for literally half of the world

My favorite thing about D&D is that my character doesn't have social anxiety and is comfortably wealthy

My guess is that the slaves, being an evil race of fire gremlins, will be unable to cope with freedom like reasonable people, even tho one of them let my character bum a cigarette

I doubt it would be. I reached out on Twitter to the actress they cut to see if she wanted to talk about the movie and her role in it, but she didn't respond. I want to fund and create a documentary about this bad movie that I didn't enjoy watching. I'm obsessed.

OH ALSO: The movie clearly takes place in the fall, but they made the date on the missing poster for Katie be May because that's when the stabbing occurred in real life

Let's be real: We've gonna into the fire level to kill the racially insensitive desert-themed boss

Loving and accepting yourself is good praxis.

My DM finally understands what we want: To kill slavers without hesitation

He's not even bothered making it a moral dilemma (yet)

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