I socialized but I still feel anxious and lonely!! It's weird.

remember when Alex Jones claimed under oath that a large bowl of chili made him for get his children's names

@laser I have to insist that there be a part where the instruments drop out for like one line of the song

Like, I'm about to go to bed even tho I slept nine hours last night and took a three hour nap today. I'm not even in a sad mood!!

@brogepi Truth coming out of her cage and she's been shaming mankind

truth unlocking her account to do a callout thread on humanity

I referred to myself generously as "an acquired taste" recently, but the reality is that I'm more like the taste on the Switch cards that makes you yuck out

I'm less popular here than I was on Twitter, where I'm also not popular

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Metroid has four representatives in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and three of them are Samus

In Mario's Picross, the G-3 puzzle on the first Picross course results in a picture of a Goomba when beaten. However, the game names the puzzle "Grand Goombas". It is unclear what this is referencing, as no Mario game has ever included any Goomba type called a "Grand Goomba". t.co/uf65eWhuwk

With 1948 triangles, the model for the Menu Toad in the Nintendo 64 version of Mario Tennis is one of the most complex character models on the system. In fact, a typical doubles match with four characters will be less hardware-intensive than simply rendering the Menu Toad. t.co/ldqTZPblyg

The earliest known 3D model of Bowser, seen in a 1986 NES commercial. t.co/zxmjSVmCH8

In the Bowser in the Dark World course in Super Mario 64, whenever the Fire Spitter is active, two red pixels can be seen very far away, under the final part of the level. This is the location the fire actually spawns before being teleported to the Fire Spitter one frame later. t.co/o8RObnzCl8

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