My new brand is "makes memes about going to pop punk concerts"

The McElroy fandom is fucking insufferable, exhibit one million

I took a photo because I'm freshly trimmed and set it up this way so I would be photobombing myself

Ah, hooray, I'd heard my favorite boy was in here. I guess these games take place concurrently with the orig-- wait WHAT

Instead of "Are you a boy or a girl?" it's now "What do you look like?"

Very nice!

This, but it's Anakin Skywalker instead of Homer and anger instead of alcohol

This reminds me of when well-meaning queer teens demand a CW for the word "queer", an identity already under attack from mainstream society

Insist on your cup of stars

Once they have trapped you into being like everyone else, you will never see your cup of stars again

Facebook is down and therefore so is Instagram so you get my food post first

Spicy turmeric basmati rice, chicken tikka masala with spinach and chickpeas

Make sure you study up on Smash Ultimate tiers before launch!

I just learned that the first photographic portrait of a human being was a selfie

Robert Cornelius, 1839

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