Did it. First time beating Sonic 2 on original hardware. No continues, one spare life left.

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I cannot figure out in what ways this porn ad is trying to make me horny

My friends love to give advice on how I should talk on dating apps, but when I hand them my phone, this is the game they spit, smh

About to see Sonic the Hedgehog impromptu! There were no good seats left so we're here, in the front row.

I would honestly watch Emily Blunt sit perfectly still in a chair for two hours, she's extremely compelling

But Edge of 2morrow when??

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Love this triple comment on my Facebook by a high school friend. It's unusually deranged for this person.

When I say I love living in NYC, it's largely because I can eat big piles of food like this any day of the week if I want to

Recognized a non-English word in a book because of how on-line I am

McElroy fandom is a hell of my own making

Why do you need these, why do you need fasting partners who listen to some of the same podcasts as you

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