The base unit of American society is the individual. This is foul and wrong. Humans are social creatures. We exist only by widespread cooperation. Other countries have built all of their legal and social infrastructure around the idea that the entire community must be valued above individual exceptionalism. We have to treat our neighbors as if they are just as valuable as us-- because they are!

The driving philosophy behind America is that individuals acting selfishly will automatically balance at a societal level to equity. This theory has proven obviously untrue, and as such, should be dispensed with. People with power found loopholes that prevent their subordinates from being able to act in their own self-interest with any real autonomy, thus preventing this theorized balance from even starting. How about we try compassion instead?

How about everyone focus on reducing the harm our actions do to others, and preventing others from doing harm as well? How about we just meet everyone's needs? We have the resources and the infrastructure. We're just actively choosing not to.

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