I'm watching the CBS procedural EVIL, which is filmed extremely in my neighborhood. I have this notion that the main character is based on the mom from Little Women. Here is my proof after one and a quarter episodes: She has four daughters, the youngest one is sickly, dad is not dead or divorced but just away, kids are all joyful and precocious, some kind of older female relative lives with them

The central conceit of this show is my favorite thing: Magic might be real, who knows, we're not telling but there is a believer and a skeptic solving crimes that might be magic

Another thing about this show is it is genuinely quite scary, which is very unusual for a network show

These daughters are a real delight in this show

This episode, they're at a haunted strip club in Jersey City (filmed at a strip club in Long Island City, of course)

Aww cute, a visual reference to The Exorcist as a medical doctor arrives to the exorcism

There's two plots per episode, one where a supernatural phenomenon is debunked and one where it's left unresolved, very compelling

Shit is really popping off on this episode of CBS's EVIL. It's going hard as a motherfucker.

The title of the show is generic, which is probably why I don't hear about people watching it

Oh no the bad guy is trying to get an incel to be........ Evil

You know how Hannibal takes place in a world where there's an active, extremely creative serial killer every week? Evil is like that but for exorcisms.

Oh my god he literally handed him an iPad and said "I found you a community online on 8chan called the incel army"

This show is the breakout American role for Dutch actress Katja Herbers, whose American accent is flawless and who does incredible work on this show

Oh I didn't mention that Aasif Mandvi is on the show too. And Mike Colter from Luke Cage, who is an enormous man.

If you're still unconvinced, the premise of this episode is "what if this YouTube video is haunted"

This is the season finale but it doesn't FEEL like anything but a normal episode??

Mild spoilers for Evil 

There's this subplot where the main character's mom is dating the main villain, who broke into the main character's psychiatrist's office to steal her therapy notes and the main character DOESN'T TELL MOM THIS?? "He's a psychopath, trust me" like WHAT?? Tell her why he's bad!!

Mild spoilers for Evil 


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