The seat I bought for Gretel and Hansel doesn't exist, so I'm in the wrong seat, but I'm here. Trailers.

Sonic, Antebellum, Jungle Cruise. I wanna see all of these.

The Woman in the Window looks p good but maybe it won't be, who knows

The Invisible Man is absolutely on my list. Looks great. Same with Fantasy Island (Spooky Edition). Blumhouse is doing great stuff out here. Lucy Hale scream queen 2020.

A Quiet Place 2 is probably gonna be good huh


I would honestly watch Emily Blunt sit perfectly still in a chair for two hours, she's extremely compelling

But Edge of 2morrow when??

Ben Affleck sad basketball movie, blehh.

No Time To Die will be good, no doubt in my mind. I'm gonna be sad when this lil series of continuity-focused Bond movies is over.

Wow feature time away, peace out y'all

Gretel and Hansel is good, now it's time for The Rhythm Section.

Trailers! Sonic, The Woman in the Window, Black Widow.

Black Widow will be the horniest MCU movie yet. Perhaps the only horny MCU movie, depending on how you watch the Captain America movies.

Why is the doll actually magic in The Boy 2, I'm like 99% sure the twist in the first one was that it wasn't a haunted doll but just a guy fucking with everyone from inside the walls.

LaKeith Stanfield is one of the most charming actors working. The Photograph is oozing horny energy.

Fantasy Island again. I'm surprised the trailer doesn't have a spooky remix of What's Your Fantasy by Ludacris.

Basketball Affleck again. The Way Back I think is the title. Very generic.

The Lovebirds probably isn't funny huh

A Quiet Place 2 again, whatever, I think this is the last trailer before the movie and I'm gonna post this because I'm so sure

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