The heroes always win, canonically, because the Force wills it

One thing I really love about Star Wars is that they have an in-universe explanation for plot armor

Let me fill my life with friends I can alternately try to outsmart and be outsmarted by

Bert Butler Beveridge II, founder of Tito's Vodka

I understand the impetus behind neo pronouns, but with how hard people still have to fight for singular they, a centuries-old pronoun, I don't see em catching on any time soon

Hayley Williams is doing a solo album, wherein she is finally going full pop and no longing pretending her music is a group effort. She's a good singer, but the first single is boring.

I love that the remake didn't change a single piece of the world and level design. All they did was make it better to control and changed the aesthetic. You can't improve on perfection!

Don't have to be into work until 11 so I stayed up late to beat Link's Awakening

The hill I am most willing to die on is that "it" is the correct pronoun for all animals and also for human babies

Wikipedia, neutral: here's some facts about this musician, presented using the widely accepted terms

Me, an idiot: oh yeah like when you make it with pineapple or mango or something

Oh no Alison Brie got huge and jacked, now my crush on her is worse than ever

Everyone loves to talk a big game about all the filthy losers they fuck, but then it comes time to swipe right on Tinder and the filthiest loser of all (me) is left in the dust

I should probably backup all the files for this secret unreleased podcast huh

Angelina Jolie's nipples have more screen time in Hackers than Fisher Stevens does, and it's somehow still PG-13

I currently and forever will maintain that millennials are people who were in K-12 school when 9/11 happened, with K-2 borderline Gen Z and early college borderline Gen X

can people on this website please stop showing their ass (the bad way) and go back to showing their ass (the good way)

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