With this vape ban, the only "fat clouds" are going to be in my folder of erotic Final Fantasy VII fanart that I don't want to talk about

I want to watch a David Attenborough style nature documentary narrated by someone who has no information and is just reacting to what they're seeing

Antidepressants have never destroyed my libido like the doctors always promise, but this new combo has it down to a manageable level for once

Carly Rae Jepsen's videos for the new album are too horny

J-Lo is extremely good, the Cardi B and Lizzo cameos are fun, Constance Wu continues to impress me with her ability to fully transform herself from role to role. Just a fun movie!

21 Bridges looks fun.

Okay movie time. ✌️


Jexi, which is just Her but a comedy and the phone is evil. Looks annoying.

The King's Man again. Charlie's Angels.

Queen & Slim new trailer. This one looks excellent.

Like A Boss, a business comedy starting Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, and Salma Hayek.

Edward Norton wrote and directed a period crime movie that he also stars in. Motherless Brooklyn. Looks kinda bad.

Ooh, a movie about an app that tells you when you die!! Yes!! Countdown. Gimme. Put it in my veins.

"Well no one's laughing now" is an extremely funny joke, it's some weird Emo Philips shit. The movie is all "Haha check out this comedian, being funny by accident" like WHAT.

The King's Man is gonna fuckin rule. Someone in the theater went "OOOOH" at the reveal.

Ford v Ferrari, nah no thanks. But maybe??

Feature presentation time, aww yeah, take me to space motherfucker!!

Seeing Ad Astra and then Hustlers.

First trailer is MIDWAY, which will be terrible.

Second trailer is a new Sam Mendes movie about WW1 British soldiers. Called 1917. Looks good!

IMAX trailers next.

Star Wars saga trailer!! It's such a good god-damned trailer.

Jumanji 4 trailer. It's weird to just rehash the previous one, which I liked well enough. Why not expand the concept? Switch it back around to having the game come to real life.

Joker is gonna be fuckin awful. I'll absolutely see it.

I've been thinking about the song Lazy Sunday, and I was realizing that I think it takes place at my main movie theater. I just relistened to confirm, and yes, it does.

It's Gerudo Valley five years before Gerudo Valley

Tal Tal Heights is the best song in a video game let's be real here

It's because it's got the exact same world design, dungeon design, and gameplay as the original perfect game, with a gorgeous aesthetic

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