I took a photo because I'm freshly trimmed and set it up this way so I would be photobombing myself

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People should have to choose between wearing a MAGA hat and having an unbroken jaw. It's unfair to do both.

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Did Alfred Pennyworth know Sgt. Rock back when it would've been feasible for Alfred to be a WW2 vet?

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I bought Fooly Cooly season three instead

Karen Gillan wrote and directed a movie starring Karen Gillan. 71% on RT. I wonder if this should be how I spend my Google Play fun money.

Thanks, Cloverfield. You are an okay movie that paved the way for this.

Kaiju films have been having a real moment in American pop culture for the past decade-ish

The throne room lightsaber fight is the finest action sequence in any Star Wars movie there I said it

If you're gonna do a bit where you sing an old misogynist love song straight-faced, you have to actually sing it correctly god damn it

I don't give a shit about old music but Amanda Palmer does a cover of some old-ass showtune called "What's the Use of Wonderin" and it makes me mad that she puts on an old-timey voice for it but sings a bunch of it flat and scoops half the fuckin notes, GOD IT MAKES ME SO MAD

Ah, hooray, I'd heard my favorite boy was in here. I guess these games take place concurrently with the orig-- wait WHAT

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