It's hitting 98°F today and I'm also sad

Don't wanna see Brittany Runs A Marathon

Luce looks great but dull

Terminator: Dark Fate seems fun

The Goldfinch looks like some heavy Oscar bait shit

The Peanut Butter Falcon looks actually good

Brian Banks looks timely but bad

Red band for Ready Or Not, which looks like a lot of fun even tho the trailer gives away too much

Okay it's showtime, see ya!!

About to see The Art of Self-Defense. Trailers now.

Man I do not like this guest celebrity horseshit on MBMBaM these past two weeks, especially since this week's is someone I've never heard of in my life

Every incarnation of Teen Titans is legally mandated to do a riff on The Judas Contract. It's like Batman stories and his mom's pearls.

It's insane that everyone in the Japanese entertainment industry flipped out about an actor using coke, replacing his performance in Kingdom Hearts 3 and Judgement, as well as pulling Frozen from store shelves. In America, we don't even consider cancelling careers over drug use. We barely end careers over sexual violence.

My next savings goal is $10k, which would be the most money I've ever had in my life at one time

Spider-Verse 2: Into the Spider-Man, which is just an Osmosis Jones thing where all Spidey's cells and blood and stuff are little Spider-Mans

Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's daughter plays a main character on this season of Stranger Things. She looks and sounds extremely like her mom, but she's good at acting, like her dad.

My Chemical Romance is for teenaged goths who love Buffy. The Used is for teenaged goths who love Hamlet.

They are otherwise the same thing.

My thoughts on any and all Star Wars news: oh hell yes

Sometimes I see adults who think Ouija boards are really actually real and I lose my FUCKING mind for a second

A manga adaptation of the 2019 film Yesterday entitled "HELP! I Got Reincarnated In A World Without The Beatles!"

This week's podcast topic- Baseball Wiki

It's baseball season! (None of us watch baseball)

Come listen to us not talk about baseball (but a lot about Spider-Man) for 50 minutes, and then sort of talk about it for 20 (mostly Kevin Costner)

I was worried Jen Kirkman would be bad on JJGo cuz her Twitter is so awful, but she was fine! How nice.

I was gonna go see Ari Aster talk about Midsommar but it was sold out so I wandered around Manhattan for an hour and now I'm eating McDonald's

Gemini Man. I would go pee during this trailer but the row I'm in is so packed with olds and rudes.

Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood. Yes I'm going to spell it like that every time.

Blinded By The Light. Soon.

This shitty DreamWorks Yeti movie, Abominable, seems like it will make a lot of money.

Downton Abbey?? A movie??? In theaters???? Okay.

Time for movie bye!!

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