I'm glad everyone has finally come to agree that Donkey Kong 64 is a bafflingly, astoundingly terrible video game. I feel like everyone got tricked by how gorgeous it looks and sounds. I have been on this side for a while and even I played the entire fucking thing.

The Virgin Hillary Clinton vs the Chad Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

real talk it's amazing how much you can radicalize people who have worked paycheck to paycheck their entire life as long as you don't use the words "communism" or "socialism"

He's only the second or third president to not have pets, depending on whether or not you count Andrew Johnson's mice that he found in his room and started feeding

This is an exasperated subtoot at my new roommates for not telling me that our congressional representative is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

At the end of Super Mario Land 2, Wario loses his hat and appears bald despite being depicted with visible hair when he is wearing the hat (top). A Super Mario Land 2 manga explains that Wario's hair is a wig attached to his hat (bottom). t.co/34vI74sfbY

"Corpse you up" is one of the funniest phrases ever uttered

How do I tell this woman on OkCupid that she's doing the krumping Marge pose in one of her photos

UPDATE: Someone I just saw has Pilot in their Tinder profile pic

If any NB buds want a new ironic display name, I just spotted a great one in the wild: Mx Mojo Rising

it turns out that the girl i had a crush on was actually just a stick of dynamite in a dress with a face drawn on it. still gonna try to make it work tho

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His name is Donkey Kong, and he’s likely causing your kids to go bananas. We’ll take a look at what makes this ape so great, along with sports and weather, tonight at 10.

Anne Hathaway is entering the weird aunt phase of her career and I'm fucking ready y'all

I need a dating app for ugly people who are cool when you get familiar

Oh my FUCKING Lord, Demi and Miel are on Magic Tavern and Griffin McElroy is on Punch Up The Jam, PodCon is going to kill me and I'm not even there

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