People who wear leather fuck harnesses over normal clothes at events that are not for cosplay or kink: What are you doing, stop doing that, no

My doctor visit experience when I go to the one building my insurance company owns is always great, but they don't have mental health services or a lot of other specialists. It's no co-pay, quick, simple, easy. Every healthcare visit should be this way everywhere for everyone for every service.

Roleplay: I'm a beautiful morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose

Got my ticket! IMAX was full so I settled for Dolby.

I almost forgot about Star Wars tickets tonight

queuing up my "looks like no one watches the watchmen 😏" post for if the watchmen show is bad and my "looks like everyone's watching these watchmen 😏" post for if it's good

I hate being single and only having three friends

I'm still tired and coughing, but I'm in a better mood

Scarlett Johansson and Thomasin McKenzie did amazing work in Jojo Rabbit. Just spectacular.

"Howl-O-Scream" is a little over the top. You cannot Halloween up the actual word Halloween.

My friends went to the showing of Jojo Rabbit at the same theater as me but right after and Taika Waititi was there!! 😡

Ooooh a red band, the Adam Sandler gritty crime drama again, Uncut Gems. That one looks good!

Time for the feature presentation.

The Lighthouse now!

New trailer for Knives Out. Looks incredible.

Antlers looks good! And it's based on a story by Nick Antosca!

Saw the full trailer for The Rhythm Section. Looks wild.

The Turning looks very scary!

Richard Jewell, another Eastwood propaganda movie, no thanks.

Waves, a boring prestige movie, yawn.

Missed half the trailers but I'm about to see Jojo Rabbit.

Blake Lively action movie called The Rhythm Section. Looks fun.

1917 is whatever.

Tom Hanks Mr. Rogers movie, yawn.

Motherless Brooklyn looks kinda good.

Ford v Ferrari, maybe.

A Hidden Life, new Terence Malick picture. Looks dull.

Movie time bye.

Roleplay: I'm a beautiful morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose

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