The writing in Animal Crossing New Horizons seems even stronger than previous entries, which also were very well-written. Anyone else feeling that way?

What's it called when it's the beginning of a panic attack but it just happens all the time and never escalates or calms down

dragon's lair was a garbage arcade game come at me

I have to do two research projects based on data I was not able to collect because schools closed

I'm grateful that living in New York does not involve stumbling upon dead bodies to the extent the Law & Order franchise would have you believe

I like in Animal Crossing when you throw a fish into whatever body of water you're next to, salt or fresh, even if the fish you're throwing is from the other kind of water

Best of luck my good bitch

A weird thing that very online teenagers will do is say that they "kin" something instead of saying that they like it, in the same way you or I might say "big mood" about something

Just heard someone in a YouTube video pronounce 2002 as "twenty oh two", hell yes

There's a bunch of fuckin people hanging out in the sidewalk outside my apartment GO THE FUCK HOME YOU LUNATICS

A 2010 article from Edge Magazine that called the Mario franchise "the Citizen Kane of gaming" included three illustrations of shots from the 1941 movie Citizen Kane altered to be Mario-related (top row). The original shots are included in the bottom row for comparison.

I think people would stop conceptualizing "non-binary" as a fixed third gender if we went back to calling it "genderqueer"

Tom Nook is a himbo, is this anything, am I cool yet

Paid off the first Nook loan in one go, got the shop built, caught a bunch spiders

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