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I've clocked about 50 hours on Invisible Inc, and I just now noticed the pun on its name 😐

I just heard at from someone who has been using my secret santa module!

I can't really explain how happy that makes me feel :D

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A new #perl6 #weekly post! This week coming from Glasgow, where the Perl Conference is being held right now!

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Hey, my current gig is going to be ending in the next few weeks.

I do web and ops automation, specifically, django, python in general, and saltstack.

Short term is fine.

Boosts appreciated!

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Hm. Just found the audits tab in Chrome, and now I'm going down a rabbit hole trying to find a color scheme for my web site that I like _and_ is still accessible

It's a real pity that GitLab pages don't have an easy way to automatically integrate with Let's Encrypt.

Renewing expiring certs is a pain :blobtilt:

I've been listening to the Crypt of the Necrodancer soundtrack these days at work non stop, and I regret nothing

Pretty soon I'll be able to sing along to the shopkeeper, and then... all bets are off 🤘

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Sarah Jeong is being treated unfairly by right wingers and under a harassment campaign, that much is true.

But we need to talk about how she helped bus a Chinese woman who has since lost a ton of financial security because of her and Vice.

Everything set for the conference in Glasgow!

And I've switched to the new Telegram channel too, to keep up to date:

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A couple of people from various instances have mentioned that #Mastodon is confusing at first. So I decided to write a comprehensive guide on how to get started with Mastodon.

Hopefully this helps new users to Mastodon. Please do Boost if you feel it could be useful to others.

I'm really enjoying Invisible Inc. Took some years to get around to playing it, but it was well worth the wait.

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Liberapay is in trouble, here's our blog post that explains the situation and what you should do if you're one of our 2000 active users:

When having to jump into a git branch that I haven't looked at in a while, it's useful to know what files have changed... so I wrote an alias to do that.

Now I'm hooked!

Change one letter and you get "prude parade" 🤔

I had heard only good things about "Get Out"... and it did not disappoint!

And for a truly creepy scary movie, it was also surprisingly funny! :D

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At work we're going to start trying out

We've been using Pidgin (and still do) but it's really not meant to share code snippets and the like

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