So it appears that my issue wasn't the version we have in ports, but a sad mix of incomplete doc and keyboard-chair issues. I had to read the module code in the end :P

@julianaito yeah it was written by a student who was learning

@vigdis Well, it's already way better and up to date compared to its Perl
counterpart :)))


@julianaito @AFresh1 @vigdis @kensanata Yeah, although the bug reporting has been stellar (and it really has), I've had trouble finding TUITs to keep the distribution up to date 🙇

Part is that the code is way more complicated than it needs to be (it was my first "big" release), and part is that I'm just not that active on Mastodon (so it's hard to keep up with the API changes and new features)

I'll try to find some time. Help is welcome! 💦

@jjatria sadly my TODO is longer than my available time, but I wish I could submit some PRs! @julianaito @vigdis @kensanata

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