I started going through the Learning 6 book today!

Lots of things to be excited about :3

@kensanata Me too! But now that I got my copy of brian d foy's new book, I'm using that as my excuse ✊

@jjatria I tried looking for an ebook on the O'Reilly site but it seems like $39/mo is the only subscription option, no more downloads? Or the Kindle edition for €22? I'm not liking my options right now... I promised myself no more paper books after our last move! Is it already time to reneg on that promise?

@kensanata @jjatria If you have access to a university library you might get the books through them...

@ckeen @kensanata Hm... I got mine as a Kickstarter reward, so I guess when I got mine it was cheaper than that...

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