For some reason (shorter/noisier commute? phone dead for a while?) this year I have been listening to fewer podcasts, and I _much_ more

Can't complain!

Since the new year, I've read:

* Small Gods
* American Gods
* Monstrous Regiment
* The Princess Bride
* My Family and Other Animals
* Historias de Franz (totally counts)
* グリックの冒険
* The Maxx
* Hark, a Vagrant!

Currently reading: "Birds, Beasts and Relatives"

Until I get around to do it more properly, this will be my reading diary


@jjatria Since the last post I finished Birds, Beasts, and Relatives and added:

* The Garden of the Gods
* The Island of Lost Maps
* The Man Who Recorded the World
* Season of Mists
* Black Beauty

Currently I "In Patagonia".

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