Just pushed a new version of Mastodon::Client to CPAN. Still a lot of open issues in the backlog, but at least I've got past this initial blockage. 💦

Now to get back on that horse! ✊

I'm preparing a talk about game development, and I'd like to see some finished examples! 🎉
I know about classics like Frozen Bubble, and there's a fair number on GitHub and the like (a lot of them unfinished) but I want MOAR.
Any suggestions?

Hoy aprendí que Scottie Scott compuso la canción del "Jappening con Ja" y la de "Espartaco y el sol bajo el mar".

¿Qué mejores credenciales?

My article for the advent calendar is out! :D

The Future is now - Future-based interfaces

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ContraPoints is the best thing in the world <3

I watched during the weekend, with Agnes Varda and JR, and it was beautiful. So human, and sincere.

A netsuke with an octopus in trouble, from the British Museum collection, to celebrate the reopening of the refurbished Japanese gallery.

Today after a BIOS upgrade, I almost thought I had locked myself out of my computer. Neither Windows nor Kubuntu would boot, and I was running out of ideas.

After many dead ends, and a couple of frustrating and scary hours, an eventual good web search told me that the upgrade had probably reset my BIOS setup, including the SATA mode.

After setting it back to AHCI, everything went back to normal.

Seven years after moving to the UK, today I saw my first hedgehog!

It's a pity to hear that their numbers have been dwindling...

I started going through the Learning 6 book today!

Lots of things to be excited about :3

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Today in conversation with a friend:

> I aim to live like ice cream,
> and grow softer as I age

Hell yea

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a dream I just had, part 1 

<me> Professor, here is a video you should show the class, it is relevant to the topic and will enlighten everyone
<professor> Thanks I will play this based on your feedback alone because I trust you, this will be good
*it isn't*
*it turns out it is a Bad Anime Music Video and Chris's memory of its depth or relevance is inaccurate*
<me> *internally* maybe nobody will notice and will think this is smart
*they do, and it isn't*
<professor> how could u I trusted u

@jjatria Incidentally, that's why I think I was so shocked the first time I heard that some people listen to podcasts at faster speeds.

I get why, but I don't think that would ever do it for me. Not at least for the podcasts I care about

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Radiolab was the first podcast I listened to, and what I loved the most about it was the silences. The spaces they left to allow you to stop and process what you just heard, the gaps they made to give you time to catch up.

Years later, that is still the part of podcasts that most gets to me. I appreciate being given the time to breathe.

And then go on with the story

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#Introduction Hey. I'm @GeneticJen on the Nazi-filled site. Really into gaming, sci-comm, coding silly stuff, and cute picnics. Scottish. Will toot mostly in English and 日本語. Oh I'm trans. I haven't found an instance where I want to stay yet but this will do for now while I figure things out. Fuck TERFs.

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