“Awesome it’s dark at 5pm” - said no one ever

I got a flu shot yesterday and my arm is still sore.

I haven’t had any pizza in 2.5 weeks.

I really want pizza.

Bike. 9 miles. 38 minutes. Easing back into the saddle since Aug was so hot.

developing a single site on 2 code bases testing on 2 different PHP versions and multiple in development branches.

Started Beyoncé approved 22 Day Revolution diet. It’s basically going vegan but having a guide along the way which is nice. The recipes are easy and tasty. Food cheat days : fri sat sun. Booze cheat days : thurs fri sat sun. Let’s stay realistic.

Re-pissed off the herniation in my back and started building out a blog/podcast of sorts plan starting with a link list

I forgot Ghostface was on an Amy Winehouse track

Lower Delaware lateness excuse that’s totally acceptable : stuck behind harvesting farm equipment

it begins. 'Tayler Swift' followed me and is 'verified'

since my employer is guilty of this i find this exceptionally humorous.

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