I linked to this Mastodon profile on my new article for New Socialist on how I want us to have a publicly owned AWS (partly to help spread platforms like this!) newsocialist.org.uk/a-state-ow

Would this be cool or is it bad: if you could give translations of your toots and people can select what language they see a toot in and which they see by default?

I feel like people would also use this to hide extra text in the translation boxes but that might lead to interesting uses too.

Or is this over complicated?

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Hi Scholar.social! 👋

I and Christina Bergmann created compcog.science for keeping a list of of minority computational cognitive modellers/scientists.

There's very few of us and we want to know who's out there!

Please boost to get more names! ☺️

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That sweet tea MIO stuff is incredible and I can't wait to find out it gives me triple cancer or something.

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@jimi This makes a lot of sense to me, both the initial thought and the guilt. It's hard to realize that worthwhile things, especially ones we've built an identity around, are . . . how to put it . . . not priorities?

I am still a big science nerd, and used to be even more of one. But I am starting to feel like we as a society should be putting resources into sorting out social problems before investing so much in space stuff and particle physics. But I have a weird guilt for thinking that ?

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How should I put the PhD I never finished on my CV? Between 2015-2017 I was implementing different probabilistic models and using technologies that might be relevant in my job search. But I don't know where/how to put "PhD I dropped out of - but got skills from" on there.

Any advice from devy friends? @LenSanook@mastodon.social @catharz @tinnion ?

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anybody going out to work this morning, don't forget the plan for our peaceful revolution: to gradually extend our toilet breaks until capitalism is no longer sustainable. today's target: 17 minutes. good luck out there

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Epube, a FLOSS epub reader. They say development sometimes gets hairy. I don't mean to beat around the bush, but some of the users get crabby when a certain ebooks get their end shaved off.


Gotta admit it though, the SEO is phenomenal

@Jamest shameless enough? ;)

My sister moved out of home recently (ish). Our mum went to visit her new place today, I asked how it was:

Boost my anticapitalist erotica project!! And join the mailing list!! I need submissions or it'll be embarrassing and I'll have to write loads of stories under pseudonyms which would be looong anticapitalust.com

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If you've written a book, let me know. I'm almost at the end of my current reading list.
(Available for Kindle UK for preference, but any ebook considered.)

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My wife and I run a website called OpenBenches.
If you spot any memorial benches while you're out and about, please can you take a photo and add them to the site?
Here's the most recent one openbenches.org/bench/8325

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