I was going to joke about this Starbucks point of sale terminal's “swipe or dip card” instructions but apparently “dipping” is the actual term! TMYK 🌠

Long Valley, Nevada (White Pine County)

Looking back on the less famous Long Valley of NE Nevada on county road 3, not to be confused with the 25 mile long Long Valley of NW Nevada that has it's own Wikipedia page.

The map makes it look like this one is ~35 miles. Most of it was not paved. The paved was more like quickly blacktopped. 😁

Great driving day!

South Can Ada Road

I was anticipating this road on our way from Boise to Elko, NV today so of course had to get out and take a picture. Once you know it's the dividing line between Canyon and Ada counties in Idaho, it still looks silly.

@mathowie CMD-k on highlighted text brings up a link box for self-hosted WordPress. I'd guess that works on .com as well. You can also paste a URL directly on to existing text to create a hyperlink.

The community is also hard at work on the next editor for WP, hopefully to be shipped later this year. You can try out a preview at testgutenberg.com

(Great feedback, btw)

@curtismchale yeah, I keep thinking that the tools are probably around and open source to make an attempt.

The mobile WordPress app is way too heavy for what I actually want to post when I'm mobile.

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I want an app exactly like Tusky for posting to WordPress and reading feeds as if it were Mastodon/Twitter

@boogah @mathowie there's even a moment where he's within striking distance and you're like “ok, here's the shark punch” and then no.

Still a lot of fun in that Statham way though. :)

As year 39 approaches, I have finally established my fitted sheet folding strategy.

New to Mastodon? Here are four intro guides to help you understand how everything works here. 

We've had quite the influx of new users on Mastodon recently. Welcome to you all! Here are some links that you might like to explore if you're new here, or if just want to know more about how Mastodon works.

1. Resources for Mastodon newbies:


2. An Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon:


3. Mastodon User's Guide


4. How does Mastodon work?

#Mastodon #Mastotips #tootorial

@mbtsmn@mastodon.social yeah, it's much nicer than I assumed it would be.

I finally poked around enough to find the Mastodon Light theme and now the world makes sense again 😂


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