I wrote a little bit on Medium about what we do at my studio (strange data stuff), and what makes us different (equal pay, dedication to ethical practice, not all white dudes):


Somehow completely forgot about Mastadon for an entire week.

Thanks for not burning the place down.

How are y'all balancing Twitter & Mastadon? Are you cross-posting? Or have you given up your Twitter feed? I am finding it hard to bounce between two networks that are (at least on the front face) so similar.



Could be perspective bias, but from over here it looks like Mastadon is like 85% dudes.

Just pledged to @gargron's Patreon, to support development of this platform. Right now they're making $2,226 per month - let's push that upward a bit?

The pressure of 500 characters. It's going to take a while to get out of the habit of trying to trim down a thought into 140.


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