Be The Culture Special Circumstances Agent You Wish To See In The World

I'm considering moving to a different instance (sadly, a majority Japanese local timeline is not useful for me) but also having my mastodon persona be less like my IRL persona and not obviously associated with my IRL name.

So where does a fella go to get a great mix of queer and tech geek folks with a timeline that's dominated by English? (I read French and German OK too)

"Anyways, I like this theory that Snoke is that one stormtrooper who bumped his head on that door because of that huge scar on his forehead."
(via metafilter )

has anyone crammed a mastodon client into a 500-character toot yet?

#debian announcing a #mastodon package to make install new instance server easier ! <3 debian <3 mastodon

Alpine Spritz

¾ ounce Braulio
1 ounce Riesling
½ ounce grape syrup (see
3 ounces Crémant D'alsace

Garnish: Rosemary sprig

Build all ingredients in a wine glass or tumbler over ice and garnish with the rosemary sprig.

#recipe #cocktails #aperitif #spritz #mastodrinks

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