Wtf? I think i will look for another instance. mastodon.clouds Admins don't seem to be fit enough to proper... well... administrating after what i read about them suspending the account of @wilw seemingly just to avoid the work to actually check complaints. That's just plainly lazy and this lazyness lets the bullies win. I don't want to be on an instance with that kind of policy.

@jensscholz @wilw

Take care where you go.

Another instance admin with a serious shortage of brain power banned me, get this, because I questioned her birdsite like censorship attitudes.

She even told me it was her instance so I guess she is God there.

She was is and will always be a fcukwit.

@Kangethe Well. If you talk like this about other individuals on a regular basis i wouldn't be too surprised to get in trouble. You would so much better get your point across if your critique wasn't filled wit personal slurs.

@jensscholz my initial contribution in response to that engagement was considered and politely if robustly phrased. No abuse just a statement of my opinion.

I don't come here from the other to have the nannies, out nanny the other nannies.

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