Very happy to have finished the Bikepacking race^Wadventure, completing the 3800km ride from Italy to the NorthCape in 17 days.

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I'd like to hear from people that are running #phosh on other devices than the #librem5 or #pinephone (including pro) to get a better idea about the use cases.

Is it portrait or landscape by default? What's the native resolution and display diagonal?

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We're running some user research! Do you want to help us get to know you and understand how you listen to podcasts?

Then please complete this short form (<5 minutes):

You can let us know on there if you’d be happy to take part in an interview and help us learn!

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Lees het interview met Guido Günther, een ontwikkelaar bij Purism, over hoe het gratis en convergerende #PureOS systeem en de #Phosh grafische omgeving de telefoon- en desktop ervaring samenvoegen in één en hoe ze gebruikers van mobiele apparaten ten goede komen.
#VrijeSoftware #FSFE
@agx @purism @fsfe

A curated list of software that will fix your code for you - rather than merely report what's wrong.

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Interested in studying collaborative production in free culture and/or free/open source software? I'm recruiting PhD students to join me at the University of Washington and in my research collective @communitydata. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're curious or if you have any questions.

The Janitor now automatically produces updated packages with the latest upstream Git commit for about 8k out of the 30k packages in the archive. Instructions on how to add the apt repo and which packages are included at /

The janitor is having a "busy" day now that bookworm is open for contributions...

Week 2 of the home kubernetes cluster and I am slowly paging back in everything I once knew about iptables.

I've published a new spin-off project from the -janitor: aims to provide a basic interface to any buildsystem, including dependency discovery and resolution.

I like the idea of bikes, but usually the first two or three I try say they're in maintenance once I get to them, or the barcode has een scraped off. Am I unlucky or are just terrible?

This week I published the upstream ontologist, a project that gathers metadata from FOSS projects across a wide variety of ecosystems.

I've published a new tool for package maintainers that automatically updates your Build-Depends based on package build failures.

I've published a new tool for package maintainers that automatically updates your Build-Depends based on package build failures.

developers: You can now add as webhook in your Salsa or GitHub repositories that host Debian packages in the main archive - and trigger a quick lintian-brush or multi-arch fixes rerun by the Janitor.

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We're hiring a #postdoc to work with @swheritage, @Inria and @MSFTResearch on large-scale #reproducibility in software engineering.
Full details and application instructions at:

The Janitor has now reached 7000 automatically created merge requests, and almost 7000 automated pushes.

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