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Sad to be missing everybody at this year. I was too chaotic to arrange my EOY travel early enough. :-(

As a Dutch citizen in the UK I can't vote for the general election, but at least there's something I else can vote in this week:

What I've been working on recently: The Janitor is a bot that automatically creates merge proposals fixing minor issues in Debian packages.

If you're a developer interested in receiving pull requests fixing lintian issues in your packages, send me a message. I'm looking to expand testing of

Packages to migrate from to should be hitting Debian testing soon.

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Firefox cert expired, disabling all the addons is fixed in firefox 66.0.4 (sid) and firefox-esr 60.6.2 (buster, stretch and jessie)

Exporting Prometheus /metrics for wsgi apps with multiple processes is a pain. This page does a reasonable job of covering all of the options:

Silver Platter is a new tool to aid in making bulk changes across VCS repositories on different hosting platforms).

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We proudly present our new Open Movie - SPRING - made with Blender 2.80! This poetic and visually stunning short film was written and directed by Andy Goralczyk, inspired by his childhood in the mountains of Germany. #b3d #SpringOpenMovie


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Disappointed to see the Guardian repeatedly provide a platform to known quacks like Uri Geller.

We've released Breezy 3.0.0, the first version of a friendly fork of Bazaar that ports it to Python 3 and adds Git repository format support.

Using after feels like a step backwards. Expressing configuration intent in is much nicer than in yaml. The larger ecosystem is a big benefit of ansible, though.

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