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We're hiring a #postdoc to work with @swheritage, @Inria and @MSFTResearch on large-scale #reproducibility in software engineering.
Full details and application instructions at:

The Janitor has now reached 7000 automatically created merge requests, and almost 7000 automated pushes.

The streets of London are very quiet during the evenings of the lockdown.

Every time I have to prepare a backport for @debian, it takes me several attempts to get all the flags right (with the right orig tarball, changes from the last upload, ...) before I finally manage to do an upload...

I'm looking for help with QA reviews for changes by the Janitor. If you're interested in helping out, please join this team on salsa:

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LWN did a great write-up on this bug:

I'd add that you can see the ctte's discussion on the topic thus far in our public minutes (including my hot takes):

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The Debian Janitor has now prepared fixes for more than 60k issues of 133 types across the @debian archive.

The Debian has now automatically fixed 30,000 issues across 8,000 different Debian packages.

If you're a developer interested in receiving early merge proposals from applying multi-arch hints (, please let me know.

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FWIW; I fully expect politicians to understand calls to defund the police as calls to privatize police. #capitalism

The support in still seems to be in its early stages. I don't seem to be able to run "ceph mon" without specifying cephx keys.

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