The next time you hear Republicans in Congress complaining about the debt ceiling, remember that approximately 25% of the total national debt was incurred during the Trump administration.

The notion that Republicans care about the debt is one of the biggest lies in politics.

I'm sure this has been posted a bunch of times but while I like the post visibility tiers in Mastodon, I wish we had the Twitter default option for REPLIES: follower-set-intersect-visible (or "mutual followers").

In other words: followers that you & the account you are replying-to SHARE will see the post, but followers of yours that don't ALSO follow the other account you are replying to do not. Less noisy, more relevant. Ideally also remains discoverable when other users explore the thread.

Corporate security people, I love you, but jeez. Locking everything down sounds like a great idea until you actually need to get work done.

Love a trainer that will ask her students to join from their personal computers next time.

To make my point crystal clear: I’m saying that there is a gigantic opportunity here for politicians and the building trades to massively enrich themselves at public expense, and we would all be better off if they would take it

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Kind of weird that Big HVAC has not realized yet the absolute mountains of money it could make if it just put in a little effort to educate people about how airborne viruses work

One bad apple spoils the whole barrel
The customer is always right in matters of taste
The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb

You keep using only part of that saying. I do not think it means what you think it means

For today's #Caturday I'm going to go with an action shot I took when Loki and Theo were around 4 months old.

I set up a camera on a tripod and was teasing them to get them to jump from a cat tree to the top of a small cabinet. On one occasion, however, both were on different platforms on the tree and decided to jump at the same time resulting in this shot...

#BengalCat #AbyssinianCat #CatsOfMastodon #CatPhoto #Kittens #PetPhoto #photography

Random thought: large corporations have spent billions of dollars producing pop culture where the villain is an evil soul-eating corporation.

The overall effect has been to turn "evil, soul-eating corporation" into a cliche and a kind of stock villain on the same level as Smaug the Dragon, rather than something that exists and is a real-world problem.

In other words, money well spent?

I'm having like, an ongoing panic attack as I'm collating and compiling Brain & COVID research articles together.

Like chemobrain in some ways,

Like HIV associated neurocognitive decline in some ways,

Like Parkinson's in some ways,

Like Alzheimer's in some ways,

Like accelerated aging in some ways,

Like stroke in many ways,




#COVID19 #COVID #CovidIsNotOver

i was laid-off twice early in my career in very large reorgs / cost-cutting.

the thing that wld have been helpful for me to hear then was 'this is not abt you. you were a number on someone's spreadsheet. they wanted that number to go down by 1000 or 2000 or 10,000'.

so, to anyone who needs to hear that today:

it's not abt you. you did nothing wrong.

The real reason for profitable companies to do layoffs is not to save money, but to increase the stock price. It's working.

Me: do you think he called himself T.S. Eliot so nobody would notice that T. Eliot is toilet backwards?

Librarian: stop talking

Since 2020, for every dollar the bottom 90% have gained, billionaires have gained $1.7 million. This level of inequality is not only unsustainable, it’s downright cruel.

How is it that companies will have $10 billion sitting around to invest but need to lay off 10,000 workers to save money?

Hell yea!!!

in my view, the republican assault on libraries, librarians, schools, children, families, parents and their right to freedom of expression & thought & association & education should be at the leading edge of democratic & progressive advocacy. it's so freaking obvious and there's so much silence.

Ex-Amazon employees on the almost impressively cynical way Amazon smile started:

“Don’t show me the same boosted post more than 2×” is my new, most-desired Masto feature. Until quote posts are implemented :)

Thanks to for reminding me to go read The Golden Enclaves (third book in Naomi Novik’s Scholomance series). Novik does an amazing job of writing a transparent metaphor that instead of being eye-rolling is eye-opening. Not sure how the book’s solutions to the metaphorical threat can apply to our capitalist, racist, patriarchal real-world issues, but it’s definitely food for thought.

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