@Aryakicksbutt And everyone else

I couldn't believe that I had to do a tweet about this just a few minutes ago. One resist acct was asking other resist accts "who should she vote for in the primary."

When someone has to ask other accts on who to vote for in the primary, then you have a problem.

It should be who YOU think is best suited for the job as long as it's blue.

Do not make this complicated. t.co/b798046Fgz


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I was just reading a local story from NH - I'm in Maine but right on the border. Rye is a very wealthy area and among the votes placed there were write in votes for - Charles Manson, various food dishes & other stupidity. I'm truly disgusted that this is what our country has become. Rye is a very wealthy area. I'll never understand this. Why even bother? 😣

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