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@IronMan @BizarroSuperman @jackiefoxybrown When everyone who boosts your signal is gone, tweeting is useless. I haven't lost my account, but I don't want to tweet to myself. I'll tweet to 60 people here for now. We'll build it and they'll come.

really is an interesting platform w/ decent tools. I think it could grow on me in time. Lots of topics that catch my attention too. Glad my favorites led me here. &

Upcoming registration deadlines for the Democratic Presidential primary elections:

February 12th: Massachusetts 🚨

February 14th: Idaho*

February 17th: Alabama

February 18th: California, Florida, Ohio

Register to vote, help freinds to register, and check your registration.

*can register in person on Election Day

Hey. Vote for animal rights, endangered species, and environmental protections; gun safety; human rights; liberty; healthcare, and our families.

Vote for protecting all regardless of skin color, religion, or nationality; for LGBTQ Americans; for our elderly and our young; and to protect the Constitution of these United States.

Vote for yourself and those you love so you still have freedom tomorrow.

Right? Right. Vote Blue. 💥 Vote. Blue. No Excuses.

Sentencing is up to the judge.

Trump's DOJ is rubbing authoritarianism in our faces to antagonize us.

While I'm thankful that the prosecutors lived their principles, there are less honorable people in the DOJ.

Remember in November.

Phew, this is a learning curve! How do I find the search function? I'm looking for ...


Holy smokes peeps! Now a 3rd prosecutor has resigned.

From Maddow:

And now prosecutor Adam Jed is out as well.

"The fire alarm is well and truly pulled here. "


Remember that while most of us are on or, we are connected to the entire fediverse of Mast.

There IS an instance that has bots tooting 45, Faux, Breitbart& other such shite.

While we all want to connect, vetting both our follows& followers as much as possible is still of prime importance!

This is how we rise up
Heavy as a hurricane, louder than a freight train
This is how we rise up
Heart is beating faster, feels like thunder
Magic, static, call me a fanatic
It's our world, they can never have it
This is how we rise up
It's our resistance, you can't resist us

Jack is calling 🐦 Support going, "Like who the heck is this Angie!!"
Had to practice tooting a pic. ☕🙂

I was just coming to find you @AgentCarter_SSR - thanks so much for leading me here! I'm just gutted at what they've done to at ! Just shameful. I remember when I was first forced to Twitter because MySpace became a ghost yard. Twitter needs to get it together! Looking forward to exploring here. Lot's to see & learn!❤️

Hi Tony! Thanks to @AgentCarter_SSR - I've come to follow you on Mastodon! You are so missed on Twitter. Jack really did you & the others wrong. I'm really upset about it. So, going to take a look around & get a feel for this place. I've got to find my heros!

❤️ ~Jamie Diamond

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