Cables cut to length, soldered, and secured with sugru. The venom strike controller is ready.

If one more person tells me something I already know, to answer the question they’re assuming I am asking, rather than actually *listening to the question I am actually asking* I will not be held responsible for what ensues.

IRC: Allowing coworkers to talk last each other since 1988.

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It’s another one of those “oof, that’s why I’m tired” kind of mornings.

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After more than a decade without, I’ve started taking ADHD meds again. Not sure if it’s making me focus better, but it’s definitely giving me dizzy spells.

Our mortgage has been sold from one bank who doesn’t give a shit about us to another bank that doesn’t give a shit.

Living the American dream over here.

I think I want to find an inclusive maker oriented mastodon instance. Can’t seem to find one. Not that it doesn’t exist, just the search on joinmastodon didn’t turn up anything.

Last boost: well fuck. I liked having Wil here. Now it seems he's leaving any and all mastodon instances? Damn.

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Anyway, take your victory lap and collect your prizes. You've made it clear that I'm not welcome here, and even though I disagree with the action this Admin is taking (banning me when I didn't break any rules doesn't seem right), I respect and support the Admin's decision to run their instance the way they see fit.

Please do your very best to be kind to each other. The world is a terrible place right now, and that's largely because it is what we make it.



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Is it weird that my favorite part of Warren Ellis's newsletters is the semi-affirmation at the end?

"...remember to step inside from the rain wherever it gets too much. The weather is big and weird, there's a lot of anger and stupidity and hate out there, and taking shelter means only that it's not worth getting your clothes fucked up over. You are, after all, a creature of style, and you have shit to get done. Hold on tight."

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Literally did this today. Gonna try not to forget this place and actually use it.

Dear God what a tiring weekend. Family visits are rough.

Pretty stoked that Silent Sam was brought down last night.

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I've been using it since ... 2000? 2001? Something like that. It's still my primary desktop environment, and my favorite distro. Happy 25th birthday, !

Present plan is to have this one as an id on a "main" instance (basically this or, which is blocking registrations) and then maybe an account that's more "privately" me?

I dunno, dudes. This whole federated thing is complicated.

Also not sure about this whole @jcs thing. We'll see, yeah?

Welp, I'm back. See if this sticks. Also thinking of setting up an instance of mastodon for, say, splatspace, and making that home? We'll see.

Ah hell, who am I kidding. I'm not going to leave birdsite.

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